Take Puerto Rico as a lesson in understanding the elephant memory of colonialism. We forget, they remember. I remember watching the news shortly after the 9/11 attacks. I was sure to take note that the reporter said that it was the “second” time in history that an attack took place in the capital. I am educated enough to know that the first attack was launched by true freedom fighters of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party for an honorable cause. We forget, they remember.

Flag of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico

We will rise once again Puerto Rico when we remember that all we got is us and not the United States. We forget they remember that the only reason Puerto Rico became United States property, to begin with, was to prevent it from becoming what Cuba would become decades later, a backyard floor to either communism or socialism, which is why our flag has only one star. We forget they remember. The staged voting campaigns to make Puerto Rico a state was just a fraud to keep us placated with thinking that we are part of a union that is only about starving us to death without giving the United Nations a reason for taking out sanctions against us in public. We forget, they remember.

And now that we face a natural disaster on our own as a people of the United States we are not going to get the same funding as foreign countries, like Haiti’s earthquake victims because all those relief funds and organizations are owned by congressmen who collect the money to say that their plans didn’t work out. We forget, they remember.

Now it is time for us to remember that we don’t want to be your 51st state Mr. President! We don’t want your “democratically elected” all white congress making any more decisions for us. Now it is time for Puerto Ricans to remember that we don’t want your assistance that you never gave us – and no we are not begging to be one of you. We will kneel as an entire community when it is time to salute your flag. We will remember that all we have is us and not the United States.

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