Ashley J is a bursting fountain of creativity and talent. The Orlando based singer and songwriter has worked passionately on turning her childhood dreams of a musical career into a reality. Her soulful voice has caught the attention of music industry leaders and award-winning producers. Ashley J’s newest single, Unbreakable, is the result of a collaborative effort with producers Jamie Sellers and Warwick Matthews.

Unbreakable immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its ear-catching rhythms and exotic instrumentation. It’s an attractive melody that is sure to break the generation gap of getting on the dance floor. Great keyboarding and a driving drum pattern create the perfect setting for Ashley J’s vocals to give the song’s theme a life of its own. Moving on past the restraints of a failed relationship can be difficult. However, the musical diva of kindred soul is sure to mend these broken hearts with the sounds of Unbreakable.

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