Is Facebook Buddhism Making The World A Better Place To Live?

If you came on Facebook to see how your family and friends are doing, then you might be in for a big surprise. More often than not social media networks have turned into platforms for all sorts of agendas. Political and spiritual gurus step to the plate in full compliance with the standards set for like button eroticism With the hopes of posting that one epiphany which might turn Mister Rogers into Mr. Marcus without becoming an AVN award-winning STD carrier, we have to ask ourselves what happens when everybody knows so much that they care not to know how you’re doing? Perhaps it’s like man’s relationship with the universe. I can make all this money and find it weird when people try to preserve the same reason why I’m breathing. Mother Nature knows that human society is a place to rehabilitate demons. If you think America is Facebook, then I suggest you get your passport ready to travel to Instagram.

Peace of Mind by artist - Dananayi Muwanigwa

Peace of Mind by artist – Dananayi Muwanigwa

 Of course it’s good to share kind and informative words with our neighbors and relatives. Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. Although it’s not my fetish, some of the most romantic conversations are made by text messaging. Maybe the new sexy is skimpily dressed communication. Who knows?

Regardless of what a nature alienated world is doing, I’m going to stay true to the people I know. Yeah I might talk the bravado in the corridors of social media dance floors, but at least I’m dancing and calling out the people that I adore in ways much more than a “like button” could ever provide. Personally, I think Facebook Buddhism, or the art of sharing epiphanies and other inspirational ideas as a great way to use social media and build our spirits at the same time. Keep trucking baby!


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