The multi-talented Kacey Fifield has become a delight to audiences far and wide. The 13 year-old singer and songwriter from Los Angeles is paving her way through the entertainment world with a track record that few adults have yet to embrace. Fifield was first shortlisted for the GRAMMY Awards at the age of ten for her single “When I Grow Up”.  She is highly valued for her work as an actress and animal rights activist. Fifield has made numerous appearances in film and television, including shows like Nickelodeon and Oxygen. Currently, Fifield is been working under the direction and tutelage of GRAMMY-Shortlisted singer-songwriter and music producer Ricardo Padua. Their worked together has resulted in tremendous strides for Fifield’s musical career as evidenced by her recent single, Won’t Give Up.

Won’t Give Up is a remarkable song that was written by Kacey Fifield and Ricardo Padua. The song has an inviting sound and brandishes Fifield’s talent as a singer. Won’t Give Up is a gorgeous pop tune. The song embarks on a back to the basics of good music approach. Piano chords and Fifield’s voice begin a fabulous production. The track’s instrumentation is quite impressive and sharpens the uniqueness of the melody itself. Musically, the addition of acoustic guitar to an already wonderful piano-based song makes the quality of this tune blossom. Won’t Give Up promotes a theme of never letting go of our hopes and dreams, despite the obstacles we may face. Produced by Ricardo Padua and released by BlueSky Music Publishing, Won’t Give UP fulfills all of its aspirations of making great music!

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