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Umair Nadeem And The Upcoming Inner Space Album

Originally from Pakistan, Umair Nadeem is making notable strides in his musical career. Nadeem’s love for the guitar stretches back into his childhood. Shortly after his father reluctantly bought him a guitar, Nadeem became immersed in cultivating his skills as a guitarist. He would later join the legendary band Overload after the group’s lead member, Farhad Humayun, saw one of Nadeem’s YouTube videos.

Nadeem’s career as a guitarist also had its fair share of challenges before the dawn. In 2012, nearly a year after joining Overload, Nadeem moved to Canada to study audio engineering, but would soon drop his studies in pursuit of a degree in Finance, which was more in tune with his family’s wishes. After working in the business world, Nadeem came to the realization that his love for music could no longer be suppressed, a decision which led to the development of the Inner Space album.

Inner Space is a collaborative effort between the multi-talented Alex Calò De Santis and Umair Nadeem. The album features nine tracks and is best described as a cross between ambient, progressive metal, and jazz-fusion. Nadeem’s work as a guitarist is nostalgic. Similar to the mechanisms of an Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix, Nadeem has a way of striking up a conversation through the voice of his guitar. Yet, he is admired for his melodic prose. Readers can receive the latest news about Umair Nadeem and the upcoming Inner Space album by visiting his website at: