Based out of Ontario, Canada, emcee/producer Fraction and New York emcee/producer Finsta of Finsta Bundy have joined forces in the creation of a spectacular album entitled Thoughtwork. In compliance with the essence of true school Hip Hop music and nearly fifty years in the culture between the two of them, Fraction & Finsta prove that the season of rap veterans has returned.

Thoughtwork is a full-length album consisting of 12 tracks and is a tremendous solo effort by Fraction with production by Finsta. The duo’s collaborative structure is reminiscent of legendary acts like Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth. In this case, however, Fraction and Finsta have each built a strong underground following before coming together. Finsta was once a member of Black Moon, but left the group before their success. He went on to form the duo Finsta Bundy with his DJ and soon to be rapper Bundy. Fraction released several recordings as a member of Minds in Chaos only to later move on to working on several solo and collaborative projects. In 2012, Fraction combined with prominent MPC Toronto producer Fresh Kils to create his sophomore solo effort, Extra Science. Extra Science would end up being Fraction’s most successful work to date, peaking at #3 on the US CMJ Chart and #1 on the Canadian Earshot Chart.

Thoughtwork is a treasure chest of lyricism founded upon the principles of rap music’s golden era. After a brief intro, the album opens its nostalgic dimension with the track Do The Thing. Fraction’s unleashes a memorable signature flow over an enchanting beat and fierce bassline. The scratching effects at the closing of the song, completes a perfect track. The next song, Working On It is filled with clever lyricism that accentuates the album’s bright continuity, as Fraction’s skills as a lyricist continue to amaze a new generation.

The album’s continuity is a testimony of Finsta’s ingenuity as a producer. Finsta is able to transcend most with a special recipe of hidden sampled grooves, unique drum programming, and mathematical science. Although Fraction & Finsta’s formula is founded in the tradition of the raps golden era, it is by no means dated. For You and When The Tide Turns are some of the many musical jewels that illustrate Thoughtwork’s musical and lyrical innovation. That Ain’t Me is another album favorite. With a combination of excellent production and rhyme That Ain’t Me is sure to keep the rewind-button addicts happy.

Thoughtwork is a masterpiece both lyrically and musically. Fraction & Finsta have provided a valuable contribution to the essence of Hip Hop music that can be enjoyed or studied. Thank you!


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  1. Stoked that veteran rappers are resurfacing to remind the younguns what real writing and lyrics are all about! Mumble rap had me shakin my head…

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