Based out of Annapolis, Maryland, award-winning songwriter, political activist, and career attorney Dirk Schwenk have proven himself to be a Renaissance man of our current era. Schwenk where many hats, but is noted for his expertise as a musician and singer. Schwenk leads the multi-talented band Dirk Schwenk & The Truth. Consisting of members Kevin Pezzuti (vocals and bass), Chris Vallone (vocals and guitar), Joe “Guitar Joe” Wilk (guitars), and Mike Mulroy, (vocals, drums) The Truth work well with Schwenk in making the magic of song come to life. Although Dirk Schwenk & The Truth are considerably modest about brandishing their symphonic proficiency, the group’s new EP Along the Road puts them on the map and in the hearts of true music enthusiasts worldwide.

The Along the Road EP was inspired in part by an experience Dirk Schwenk had while watching the documentary ‘Marley’ back in 2012. Since this time, Schwenk has written a nice collection of songs that walk the paths of Americana, country rock, folk, and rock music genres. The Along the Road EP opens with the lyrically clever and blues-influenced Table Set For Two. Musically, this is a dynamic track with a soulful folk guitar riff. The track’s theme relishes on the sorrow a man faces when having to deal with his lover infidelity. Table Set For Two is a very gripping tune. Along the Road’s brilliance never sets. Songs like The River and I am Graced are exceptional in their execution and make the continuity of Along the Road worth the ride. Schwenk’s vocal performance is outstanding on each and every track. His voice is warm and has an Americana familiarity that is celebrating and melodious.

We now encounter the title track Along the Road. Given the song’s dynamics, Along the Road is a tremendous record that is musically poetic and one of the most charming love songs recorded. Schwenk concludes the Along the Road EP with Flag on the Hill. This is a wonderful track about our values as a nation and how we shouldn’t take the freedoms we have for granted. Flag on the Hill has a wonderful lyric video, which I am particularly fond of since it opens with a few lyrics that mention my ancestor uncle George Washington. Schwenk hits the nail on the head with Flag on the Hill, a time when we find America facing a crossroads of sorts.

Along the Road by Dirk Schwenk & The Truth is an awesome EP! This project sparkles with an acoustic transcendence that is perfect in its undertakings and one of the best releases in 2018. Along the Road is a trip that you won’t regret!

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