Based out of Detroit, Michigan, producer and rap artist extraordinaire TRB Feddy stays ahead of the music game with fierce lyricism and some incredible production. In a style reminiscent of rap legends like Scarface, E40, and Pimp C, TRB Feddy is able to infuse the energy of hip-hop’s classic era into the modern framework of trap music, thereby creating a whole new vibe. His latest offering entitled Ball On Them is a perfect example of TRB Feddy’s musical genius.

Ball On Them is a sure bet for rap purists. The track’s echoing guitar loop makes its sonic landscape easy for cultured ears to step into this cinematic dimension with full clarity. TRB Feddy puts the icing on the cake with his timeless flow and philosophy on how to procure the greatest financial gains with a lifestyle that puts them on display. Ball On Them by TRB Feddy is rewind-button addiction ready for rap connoisseurs and music enthusiasts alike.

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