Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, AutoCharm have a noted working formula of real instrumentation and electronica that is proven to be a valuable part of their creative process. Comprised of members David Fotheringham, Phil O’Shea, and Dougie McAuley, AutoCharm is able to capture the essence of the soul-disco era in contemporary fashion with their new album Imminent Destiny.

Imminent Destiny by AutoCharm

Comprised of nine tracks and released under the Rubber Taxi Record label, Imminent Destiny is available on all digital platforms. AutoCharm has created a definitive work that supersedes many projects of the same genre. Imminent Destiny is admired for its depth and innovation making it a collector’s item of sorts. Below is a track-by-track description of the album:

The Bottle – The opening track on the Imminent Destiny album is a bold social commentary and AutoCharm’s version of Gil Scott Heron’s “The Bottle”. The track is built upon a funky groove that immediately draws the listener into its melody with a beautiful bassline and a sharp guitar lead.

She Loves The Music – This is a great song that is structured in a disco-like pattern that is warm and inviting. With its smooth sense of soul and urban overtones, She Loves The Music is a soundtrack for good times.

Can You Feel The Need – This sophisticated musical gem possesses an interesting bassline and other exotic instrumentation and soulful harmonies. Certainly patterned after the soul and funk era of the 70’s, Can You Feel The Need equally measures up to its expectations with a driving rhythm and cool jazz approach to composition.

Run To The Sun – Devotees of the modern soul movement will enjoy the magical sounds of Run To The Sun. This is a very inventive track that not only adds to the continuity of the album but really illustrates AutoCharms’s sense of inventiveness. Run To The Sun carries a tight set of percussion and some amazing guitar work.

Kick Back – Adding to the exotic nature of Imminent Destiny is the track Kick Back. This lovely melody has a tantalizing bit of exotic that stretches along with tempting horns, background strings, and some lovely keyboard elements to keep your spirit above the clouds.

Movin On – This is one selection that stands out for its attractive drum pattern and robust rhythms created from organic and electronic instrumentation. Movin On has a driving beat with modern overtones that blend amazingly well with Imminent Destiny’s retro sound.

Imminent Destiny – One thing distinct about AutoCharm’s production is found in its originality. We find this attribute greatly expressed in the album’s title track. Filled with a festive emotion that is celebrated through its sonic elements Imminent Destiny carries its own sound; definitely one of the brighter tracks on the album that has a slight pop appeal.

Only Love Will Set You Free – Meshed in the free-spirited vibrations of our modern world, Only Love Will Set You Free has a vibrant message that is uplifting with a musical landscape to match. The track has a soulful presence, but some elements of deep house music pulsating through its composition.

Keep It Down – As the concluding track on the Imminent Destiny album, AutoCharm makes it a celebratory moment with the charms of Keep It Down. This is a catchy tune with a catchy hook that’s all about having fun and remembering the joys of life. The track has a very vibrant unorthodox pattern that is sure to build an appreciation among listeners.

Imminent Destiny is a solid album and a great example of the creativity expressed by a group who are passionate about music and understand its potential. AutoCharm’s latest offering is charismatic and a masterful testimony of the band’s genius. Music enthusiasts and lovers of organic would definitely want to make Imminent Destiny by Autocharm part of their library.

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