Curtis Newart (musician)

Superhuman by Curtis Newart


Canadian singer and songwriter Curtis Newart has reemerged into the pop music scene with his latest single Superhuman. Newart is a well-known personality in Canada’s music industry. His song Perverse was ranked #1 on Vancouver’s pop charts back in January 2016. Two years later, we find expressions of Newart’s musical genius in his latest single Superhuman.

A single off of the Rock the Chandeliers album, Superhuman delves into the world of electro-pop music with its melodious soundscape created from synthesizers, drum programming, and other instrumentation. The song has a strong upbeat tempo and handsomely fashionable lyrics about the “superhuman” beauty of that significant other. Newart does a great job vocally that is in synch with the track’s rhythms. Superhuman by Curtis Newart is an illustrious musical gem.


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