DAI á lévres

Entrepreneur and businesswoman Shaunda Gresham is about to turn the beauty and fashion industry on its heels with a new line of lip gloss called DAI á lévres. Set to be unleashed in 2019, DAI á lévres is all about making lips matter. DAI á lévres’ rich quality and organic base will surely prove to be of utmost satisfaction to new customers.

The campaign for DAI á lévres will consist of auditions, advertising, and other forms of strategic marketing to ensure that as many people are aware of the product as possible. The company goals are to provide jobs for people and educate the global community about the benefits of DAI á lévres due to its organic ingredients. In search of a unique name for the company’s title, owner and CEO Mrs. Gresham combined the first half of her daughter’s name Daija, or Dai, with the French word for lips, á lévres, creating the multi-phrase DAI á lévres. Sales are expected to begin in spring of 2019. DAI á lévres is your only choice for taking an organic approach to lip care. Remember, lips matter with DAI á lévres. For more info, please check out the following links:

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