Originally from the beloved city of Las Vegas, performer, singer, and songwriter LX (pronounced Leks) has a festive pop sound that is sure to put a grin on your face. This sexy songstress created a lane in the music world for herself by implementing a good work ethic and measuring up to the “dare to be great” slogan that her father stressed during her youth.

As an independent artist, LX has certainly opened the door to the path of becoming a household name based on some of the songs she has released, as a few of these recordings have hit the Billboard Pop Indicator charts, FMQB A/C Charts and she has been recognized in Music Connection Magazine’s “Top 100 Unsigned Artist”. LX continues to manifest her musical expertise as seen from her new single One Regret.

One Regret is a vibrant tune that is refreshingly imbued with LX’s delightful charisma and melodious voice. The track has a smooth pop vibe with a subtle reggae undertone, coupled with some R&B trimmings that make this symphonic treat all the more enjoyable. LX provides an astonishing vocal performance along with a catchy hook that keeps us enchanted with the track’s theme of an intoxicating romance. Baby Jay adds a cherry atop a perfectly executed production with some timely rap vocals.

The music video for One Regret is equally entertaining. LX’s beauty is captivating and is complemented by her flamboyant sarcasm which is quite intriguing. The video is shot from a viewer’s perspective, which adds to the inventiveness and warmth of the production. Overall, One Regret is a testimony to the depth of LX’s talent. It’s a melodious ride where there is no turning back.

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