Based out of Denver, Colorado, the highly-energetic and adventurous country music sounds of The Remus Tucker Band, are truly a sight to be heard. Comprised of members Remus Tucker (lead vocalist), Tom Williams (lead guitarist), Jimmie Clinton (rhythm guitar), Chris Love (bass player), and Ryan Luther (drums), the group perfectly embody the artistic etching of outlaw country music. Formed in 2012, The Remus Tucker Band, are passionate about their music and literally constitutes some of the hardest working musicians that have hit the stage. The band’s new offering titled Come One is an excellent demonstration of their musical genius.

Come On begins with a fierce guitar-laden groove that continues to evolves further into the track. Remus Tucker rides upon this brilliant musical landscape with an intense vocal performance in the song. Thre that e sonic picture that the lead singer paints is further enhanced by backing harmonies from the band, along with Come On’s well-executed hook. The song’s energy continues to escalate into a podium for the lead guitarist to skate upon in a concluding strum of chords, leaving the listener in complete satisfaction of the group’s thriving ability. Come On by The Remus Tucker Band is a musical gem!


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