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Antony Payne’s Incredible Single “Lifeline” Set For Release January 3rd 2020

As one half of the riveting pop duo The Human Experience, singer and songwriter Antony Payne continues to blossom artistically with an inspiring catalog of solo work. His distinct style of chorale will surely pull you out of your seat and into a melodic dimension all to its own. Payne’s new single “Lifeline” is set for release on January 3rd, 2020.

Lifeline is an eclectic track that exemplifies Payne’s gift of song. The tune possesses a larger-than-life drum pattern that is irresistible! Lifeline has a strong structure and is able to present a musical landscape that is based on digital instrumentation while maintaining a warm and practical vibe. Payne puts the icing on the cake with an incredible vocal performance. Lifeline is a chunk of soul that will surely restore your faith in good music.