Hailing from the beloved state of Alaska and born and raised Statesboro, Georgia, hip-hop lyricist Dexter Mackenzie Smith, popularly known as D Gutta, is an emerging legend in the rap world with a very distinct flow that will surely open the door to a new musical dimension. Not only does D Gutta possess a great amount of street credibility as a rapper, but he is a student of the genre’s rich history. Among Dgutta912’s influences are many of the pioneers of rap classic era, which include legendary acts like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G., and 2Pac.

Earlier this year, Dgutta912 released the masterful LP titled Gutta VS Gutta. The album is comprised of 15 songs and unveils Dgutta912’s lyrical expertise on feature cuts like Slow Ride, Never Stop, and others. Rap loyalists can expect to see rich rewards in the media and musical popularity as Dgutta912 continues to strike chords of realness inside each and every bar. Peace!

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