Originally from Mississippi, rap artist, singer, and songwriter Mycharee sets aflame a whole new dimension of realism with her witty and blunt lyrical escapades. Mycharee is the youngest among her seven siblings (five sisters and two brothers). Being the daughter of a preacher, her passion for music was kindled as a youth in a household where gospel music “was all she heard”. Mycharee would later be introduced to rap and r&b music by her sisters and cousins. Mycharee’s love for the art grew, which eventually inspired the female rapper/singer to do a cover of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”. After setting her focus on making music, Mycharee is walking on the road to success and debuting her new single My City.

Mycharee’s latest offering My City is a reality check about the negative chimes of crime and murder that often go unnoticed. Instead of taking the route of a promoter of violence, Mycharee sends a message of realization and a cry for hope and better times. The brightness of her sincerity and gutsy flow make My City a jewel in an ocean of bravado. Mycharee is onto big things and pretty soon she will be able to call the whole world My City. Salute!

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