Today, I had the wonderful experience of meeting and learning about the work of a very progressive and empowering woman named Darlene Swaffar, who is running for Congress, Florida District #22. Before I get into some of the impressive things about her work and how enabling it would be if she was elected to Congress, let me first begin by explaining how I learned about Darlene Swaffar and her platform.


Certainly, this has been a very strenuous time for all of us. As a nation, we have not only been burdened with the crippling effects of corvid-19, but also a new crisis with the untimely deaths of both Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. Unfortunately, what began as a series of peaceful protests have turned into chaos and destruction by anarchist groups with malignant aims. It’s just a very distressing time. As a veteran, jazz composer, spiritualist, and writer, I meditated on what ways could dialogue between local police and many who are disempowered begin. After looking through my newsfeed on Twitter, I came across a video made by Darlene Swaffar.

In the video, Darlene Swaffar stood strong as the State of Florida’s vanguard. She warned that those with bad intentions and trying to create anarchy need to stay out of Florida. Based on what I witnessed in the video, I could see a woman who really has a love for her country and state and is willing to put up the fine fight to preserve those values and freedoms that make our nation a land of great opportunity. So, I asked her why hasn’t there been any legislation proposed by politicians to help curve the ills of police brutality?

Darlene Swaffar kindly reminded me that such responsibility lies in the governors and mayors throughout the country, which gives us clarity about why President trump will often critique people of those stations who show weakness in these aspects. Swaffar’s response created more curiosity about what she represents. I was delighted to discover an entrepreneur and a Republican candidate who is tired of the nonsense going in America and looking to back our country and re-establish its traditional values.

What I find most impressive about Swaffar is her deep sincerity and ambitions to create good government. She is service-minded and has a working history of working with local and state governments. As an entrepreneur, Swaffar knows the ins and outs of what it takes to keep and up and growing economy moving upward. Swaffar’s insights on immigration are equally remarkable. In an interview on The Mike Essen Show, she discussed to need to not only fortify the United States’ southwest border but the northern side that leads into Canada.

America needs more people like Darlene Swaffar in government to preserve and promote good government. This is NOT a paid advertisement, but was written and inspired by Darlene Swaffar’s love for her country and aspiration to serve fellow Americans.  Support Darlene Swaffar for Darlene Swaffar for Congress, #22 Florida.

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