Country Cuzzin’s is kicking in the door with an incredibly new and raw hip-hop- soundscape that turns out to be a true generation-mender of gritty lyricism and explicit intellect. Coming straight out of Mississippi, this ambitious crew of exquisite genius is comprised of Marcus Brooks a.k.a. Mr. Laidback, Cortez Brooks a.k.a. Bottom Boy Cort, Corrdaro Spann a.k.a. Calionabeat (producer), and manager Nesto Green. The group’s high aims have inspired the formation of their own record label and enterprise Now Or Neva.

Noted for their distinct sense of creativity, Country Cuzzin’s draws influences from legendary acts like Dr. Dre, Outkast, and Three Six Mafia, among others. Their musical prowess and passion for originality is the catalyst behind their latest single titled “Neva Had” which a brilliant example of the vibe that Country Cuzzin’s are able to transmit to an entire generation of rap music purists looking for a sound that is equally genuine as it is inventive.



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