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RayDaYungin: Hip-Hop’s Newest Phenomena!


Rayvon Tariq Webber aka RayDaYungin is a pre-adolescent beast behind the mic! Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, RayDaYungin started rapping not too long after he began talking. The youthful lyricist is a part of a strong family and gives credit to the exceptional support from his father as one of the determining factors for his blossoming success.

RayDaYungin has been able to cultivate his unique flow by incorporating various influences into his harmonic scheme which includes the likes of  DaBaby, NLE Choppa, and Roddy Ricch among others. RayDaYungin is building up his musical catalog with an amazing collection of tracks like the intense Up Next and the adorable Crush. RayDaYungin is a phenomenal example of what modern hip-hop has to offer the world. RayDaYungin’s world can be accessed on most digital platforms; YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook