As one of the most progressive leaders in the field of computer science, AI expert and software architect Mariojose Palma uses his inventiveness and ingenuity to make the world a better place. Certainly, humankind’s technological advancements have made life a bit smoother, to say the least, and Mr. Palma seeks to contribute greatly towards these aims. I believe you will find his perspective to be very inspirational.


Warlock Asylum: I would like to extend my warmest gratitude and thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some valuable insights about your career. Please introduce yourself. Who is Mariojose Palma?

Mariojose Palma: I specialize in using technology to create solutions for both people and businesses that improve their quality of life. I have dedicated my life to software architecture and AI development because I see it as a tool to substantially change the world for the better. My software development skills brought me to the US, where I continue to contribute to the creation of the future with artificial intelligence.

Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us a few facts about your childhood and the environment that you grew up in?

Mariojose Palma: I grew up in Guatire, Venezuela where I had the opportunity to start doing what has become my work and passion from a very young age. At fifteen years old, I wanted to be the best at an online game my friends and I were playing. I created a program that could play for me while I was studying or sleeping. At that time, I began to question myself on how machines can help us to work in a more efficient way.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in computer technology, and more specifically the field of artificial intelligence?

Mariojose Palma: I started in the AI field about 8 years ago when I became highly interested in the stock market. Every weekend I made it my personal project to try to predict future stock prices. That’s when I started facing challenges like obtaining real-time data, a lot of it, and how to process all that data incredibly fast and how to develop an AI which could make good decisions by itself with all that data. Besides, I started working for Veedims where we collected data from sensors in cars and boats using AI in order to be smarter about preventive care, choose better routes based on the car’s features and traffic, etc.

After that project, I came back to my roots and love for stock market + AI and finally came to the conclusion that you can’t predict exact stock prices but you can have strong probabilities to help you considerably lower your investment risks, I started my company to develop that project and I’m currently using AI for real-estate and stock investments.

Warlock Asylum: Oftentimes, we hear about “artificial intelligence” and its abbreviation “AI” often floating around in the media. As an expert in the field, can you provide for us a clear definition of the phrase artificial intelligence?

Mariojose Palma: Artificial Intelligence means the creation of an artificial brain or mind which can learn through experience. When we refer to AI when a computer is learning based on the data available to it or is learning through the decisions it has made over a period of time with positive and/or negative rewards, so its decision-making capacity gets better every time.

Warlock Asylum: How did you become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and what does this work involve?

Mariojose Palma: To become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, you need to pass a number of tests and previously have obtained other Microsoft Certifications; these credentials also involve a number of tests that must be passed. What they want you to prove is your capability to develop an entire application or solution. That being said, they are not only looking at your ability to develop the web, API or database, but it also needs to be clear you can successfully do all three and your capability to architect a complete solution with Microsoft technics to have a perfectly functional product.

Warlock Asylum: In recent years, you’ve embarked along the path of entrepreneurship. Can you tell us a little bit about the businesses that you’ve started and the aims of these organizations?

Mariojose Palma: One of the first companies I created was situated around AI technology that is able to calculate probabilities of success or failure in a determined investment. When we already had a determined investment, the AI was able to tell us in real-time if that investment was going to change its course of action; Let’s say it was a stock investment, the AI could tell me if it thought the stock price was going to drop so I could sell my position and take profit.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to make your career possible?

Mariojose Palma: I believe the first obstacle I encountered was the language. I never spoke English in my home country. It was almost impossible for me to speak at the time, even though I could read in English pretty well. Most of the books and studying materials for the software engineer degree were in English, a very technical English made communicating very hard in the beginning. I think it has gotten better over the years and I’m continuously learning.

Warlock Asylum: Where does AI stand today and where do you see it going in the future?

Mariojose Palma: In today’s world we already interact with AI on a daily basis in things such as “Siri” on our iPhones that are able to synthesize voice or answer common questions like the weather and not so common questions like your name or your home address, everything on a few seconds at the palm of your hand. In the near future, we will see AI as we see Siri today, a regular acquisition of our day-to-day life; in my opinion, the education sector will be one of the most beneficiated because the advantages would be palpable in how our children experience school. The healthcare sector is another thing that will work hand-in-hand with AI; doctors will give more comprehensive care to their patients because they will have more time to focus on them while AI takes care of all the data.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of your technological accomplishments and what goals have you set for the future?

Mariojose Palma: I would like to mention two projects that I’m very proud of so far. The AI project that forecasts stock market prices and the AI used in boats to manage preventive care based on the data collected from the boat’s sensors. In addition to what I have done, I’m looking forward in sharing my knowledge about AI in both the healthcare and educational sectors. Although I have mentioned this numerous times, I truly believe AI would be a key factor in the rapid progress of this needed sectors in society

Warlock Asylum: Another admirable talent that you’ve over recent years is writing. Tell us about your blog and background as an author?

Mariojose Palma: Some years ago, I had the pleasure to teach a series of courses from Microsoft for people who wanted to learn Website and SQL Database development. Thanks to that experience, I learned a love for sharing my knowledge with whomever it may serve. Therefore, I recently found another way of sharing what I know and what I think of the world to a wider audience and not only the people around me, and that’s my blog. It has been a challenging journey but rewarding also. It allows me to satisfy three of my passions, sharing knowledge, software engineer, and artificial intelligence.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Mariojose Palma in the near future? Any final thoughts?

Mariojose Palma: As I mentioned before writing has become a part of my life and how I share not only what I know but the way I see the changing world we live in. As a result of that passion, I have been working on more writing and who knows, maybe I’ll make it a book one of these days.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting on how to use AI on quantum computing, even though I know it is a lot to take in, I think this is our future and I want to create a better one for us, the human race.

Thanks once again Mr. Palma for the time you have taken to share a piece of your world with our readers this evening. We wish you all the best in your technological endeavors.




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