In 2020, a sea of concerns and uncertainty have unfolded since the rise of Corvid-19 and the brutal death of George Floyd. The multi-talented rap artist Shawn Dunbar aka Hereami discusses these present-day life challenges in a telling rap song titled Flow State (feat. Vazan). The Minneapolis-based lyricist totes a witty and a cynical vernacular-induced flow that makes his bars walk on their own. Coupled with some fabulous production from Michael Vanasek aka Vazen, Hereami emerges out of the ashes of the rap game with something that purists of the genre will embellish.

Flow State is a remarkable track of a smooth caliber. Hereami captures our attention with a very distinct cadence and vocal sophistication that is very reminiscent of rap music’s classic era in post-modern fashion. Vazen’s astonishing production serves as a windowpane of reality to get the conversation started to keep the listener in survival mode. He adds additional depth to Flow State by dropping a verse that compliments Hereami’s lead. Flow State is birthed by a true artistic venture and one rapper’s resolve to put his cards on the table so that we all can gain some solitude.

Credits: Flow State was written by Shawn ‘HereamI’ Dunbar, and features Michael ‘Vazen’ Vanasek, Hereami’s long time collaborator, who also produced the music to this powerful track. Hereami along with Jason Ho of Dream Nineteen Productions, directed the making of the music video, which was shot in Los Angeles as a way of peacefully protesting the racial injustice in society, and releasing anxiety that has risen from recent and past events.



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