Led by the stirring musicianship of Jason Perrillo, the New York-based rock band Azwel has created an exceptional and cutting-edge melodic tapestry of acoustically warm songs that inspire enthusiasts of live sound. Comprised of members Jason Perrillo (vocals/keys/guitar), Joe Lorge (guitar/backing vocals), Gregg Steele (bass/backing vocals/upright), Randy Bennis (keyboards), and John Zaletel (drums/percussion), Azwel have created a flawless synergy with the release of their new single The Henchmen” from the album Halcyon (being released sometime in September 2020).

The Henchmen is a brilliant folk-rock tune that captures the listener with its vibrant dreaminess. The song has a free-spirited structure and maximizes its uptempo charisma with a few well-timed breaks that wonderfully add on to the song’s incomparable presence. Jason Perrillo keeps the inventiveness of The Henchmen on edge with a splendid vocal performance along with a great set of backing vocals from his brethren in Azwel. The Henchmen is a great song and is definitely a testimony to the musical veteranship of Azwel. 

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