In recent times, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of devotees of Santa Muerte along with information pertaining to the tradition and social media outlets. Among those taking the lead in this movement is Reverend Brandon Hicks, specifically within the English-speaking sector. As a lifelong spiritualist, Rev. Brandon Hicks is helping many understand the basic concepts and practice of La Santisima Muerte devotion.

Recently, I’ve been conversing with Rev. Brandon Hicks and found that his insights and platform express sincerity and love for the Bony Lady. Enjoy!

Warlock Asylum: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some of your life and experiences with our readers. Please introduce yourself. Who is Reverend Brandon Hicks?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: Thank you for having me. My name is Brandon Hicks I am the owner-operator and priest of St. Philomena’s Hermetic Church. We practice Western Ceremonial Magick and Folk Catholicism.

Warlock Asylum: What was your childhood like? Did you have any influences in your formative years that took precedent in molding the person that you are today?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: I was raised in a very strict Protestant household, where anything even Catholicism was considered evil and of the devil. It was the Pentecostal branch of Protestantism specifically.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved with spiritualism and the occult arts?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: Once I was of age, I started to experiment with any and all forms of divination and magick. I started using the Ouija board specifically which helped me elevate my psychic abilities.

Warlock Asylum: When did you become a reverend and what comprises your ministry?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: I became ordained in 2017 and my ministry is a masonic order of ceremonial magicians in particular. We practice the magick of King Solomon otherwise known as the Goetia. As well as Folk Catholicism. On more than a few occasions we have had mass service in dedication to La Santa Muerte.

Warlock Asylum: How did you find Santa Muerte?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: I found Santa Muerte on a Catholic bulletin email that I subscribe to and it was labeled don’t pray to her. Me being me, I decided to do just that. I purchased a candle and statue and asked her to show herself. Well, she fulfilled that promise by showing herself at my bedside one night. It wasn’t scary however I knew then I had made a deal with death.

Warlock Asylum: In what ways has your life changed since you’ve established a relationship with the Holy Death?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: My life would never be the same without her. She is my muse and my inspiration. She’s taught me so much and taken so little. I’ve learned how to enjoy life and take chances and just enjoy what we have before it’s game over.

Warlock Asylum: A lot of us are aware of your work from the Facebook groups you’ve established and other outlets that were created for devotees of the Boney Lady. What did you have in mind when creating these  Facebook groups?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: My groups and media are to represent a true conclusive approach and theory to understanding La Santa Muerte. I see so much false information on the net and I feel obligated to help spread some truth.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced in conjunction with your work with Santa Muerte?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: I’ve had to learn that what Santa wants Santa gets. Like one time she wanted honey, she bothered me repeatedly until I placed it on my altar. When you ask for a favor be prepared to pay her back, and she will let you know what she wants. I’ve always had problems with patience and she has taught me how to relax.

Warlock Asylum: Since becoming a devotee, what are some of the life lessons that you have learned?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: I’ve learned to take risks and have fun and know she’s got your back. Enjoy every day that you have and do what makes you happy. She doesn’t judge so why should someone else?

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Reverend Brandon Hicks in the near future? Any final thoughts?

Rev. Brandon Hicks: Well, I have the new YouTube channel up “Followers of Sacred Death” that is currently my project as well as some classes on working with Santa Muerte for more information just visit our Facebook Group or YouTube channel of the same name. I would like to thank you for having me and hope to work with you more in the future and wish peace be with you.

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to wish Reverend Brandon Hicks all the best in his earthly and spiritual endeavors. Thank you for your jewels of wisdom!

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