The Los Angeles-based Renaissance man and pop music sensation Danjul returns to the music scene with a new single titled Scarecrow. Danjul is often noted for his diverse vocal skills and innovative sound. He is one artist that believes in putting his blood, sweat, and tears into everything that he does. Danjul always seeks to give his audience an experience, a life lesson that is woven into the language of chords and strings.

Scarecrow is the next step on the ladder of Danjul’s evolution as a musical artist. The track embodies sophistication and grown man r&b antics over a soulful soundscape. Listeners are immediately enchanted by the opening keyboard measures and layered backing harmonizations. Scarecrow has a driving beat that is tastefully balanced with analog and digital arrangements. Still in all, Danjul keeps the originality coming along the avenues of a contemporary sound and its theatrical execution.

The song seems to build off of the theme of romance and like a scarecrow those that we often admire are hidden in the field of experience, often in plain sight. Danjul’s repetitive chorus and free-spirited lyricism put the icing on the cake of an already masterful production. Bravo!


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