Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, the soulful R&B duo known as Calhuis delivers a savory melodic experience upon the release of their new song XO. Comprised of group members Harrison Caldeira and Jordan Vyfhuis, Calhuis takes pride in giving their audience the best that music has to offer and XO is a perfect example of the duo’s talent.

Aside from its witty title, XO, Calhuis is able to engulf the listener with a song that measures up to the sensibilities of romance and eroticism. The tune’s smoothness is impeccable. XO begins with a swelling electric guitar that casts an exotic nature to the whole production. Calhuis’ lead singer fills the atmosphere with fervent harmonies and endearing vocal performance. XO takes flight with an inventive song structure and filling instrumentation of keyboard bass, synths, and a crip drum pattern. There is an attractive amount of free space in this composition that allows the listener to focus on the lyrics and free-flowing narrative. XO by Calhuis is the beginning of a beautiful thing!


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