Jada Epps aka Winkle Bottom is truly an amazing artist and spiritualist. Heralded as a Renaissance woman of tomorrow’s generation, she embodies the hopes and dreams of our youth. This eloquent diva has befriended many people, including those who seek out her services as a mentor via social media. I have found this young lady’s approach to life and otherworldly matters to be quite inspiring. Jada’s synergy is beyond words and I am sure that you will find an oasis of delight in her thoughts.

Warlock Asylum: Before we begin, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions and share some insights about your work as an artist and spiritualist. Please introduce yourself. Who is Jada Epps aka Winkle Bottom?

Jada: Helllloooooo! My name was so many other things before I decided to settle on Jada. From 2013 until now, I went from Jayfuse, to DJ Cool Whip, to Jada From Nowhere, to Winkle Bottom, to Winkton, to Joose before finally settling on Jada. These titles are all pieces of me. My artwork is on Instagram @winkton and also my main Instagram @iamwinklebottom. My brand will be “Winkle Bottom,” by me – Jada (hellooo). When the brand is more established, Jada From Nowhere, Winkton, and I Am Winkle Bottom, will be added and featured in the design. Amid all this indecision, you could probably guess my zodiac sign. Jada is now my permanent stage name.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us a little bit about your background. How did your childhood environment shape your worldview as an adult?

Jada: I’m from a small town called Dendron in the southern part of Virginia. Many people leave and don’t come back or come and never leave. You could call it the boonies, lol. I love nature so it’s really something beautiful. There’s racial tension sometimes, but it’s rare.

I’ve been dreaming and receiving spiritual contact from youth. My family was split – a brother, and two sisters. I lived with my mother. She worked often, so I always found myself around others – in others’ homes, or with my brother and oldest sister. I love my dad dearly but growing up I didn’t see him often. It was family. Emotionally, it wasn’t the most comfortable at times. I love them still. 

Going to school was only fun for me when I, or my few friends, made it fun. I was bullied often. People may say I had many friends, but I just used charisma as a natural class clown by default. I enjoyed what I could and definitely held my own throughout the experience.

My coming of age has taught me not to blame others, but to show compassion and be still in my peace. It has taught me how to be an extension of my family’s better qualities. Amid this struggle, I still believe that the great and the karma within my bloodline influence my musical taste, art, quirks, love, work ethic, and finesse in amazing ways.

Like many other beings with a history of enslavement and displacement, I had no idea what my lineages held. I still haven’t done much genealogy other than my Caucasian high school teacher telling me her husband’s ancestors had owned some of my father’s family. Everything else I’ve found out about my DNA has come from my spiritual practices. Erecting an ancestor altar and participating in psychedelic spiritual quests brought me into direct contact with the ancestors on my spiritual team through dreams, meditation, and synchronized events. So far, I’ve discovered that Indigenous American, South Asian, Papa New Guinean, and many other bloodlines run through my veins along with my African roots.

Warlock Asylum: I learned about your work through the YouTube channel that you host, which mainly features information about traditional practices of spiritualism. What inspired you to pursue and eventually walk the path of a sage woman?

Jada: Thank you for supporting my crafts. I’m so happy! I enjoy your Youtube videos as well. As I mentioned before, most “non-Christlike” spiritual things were frowned upon in my household. I believe in soul resonance and remembrance. It’s when your essence is attracted to what’s familiar to you. You may be attracted to many things for many reasons: past life, bloodline karma, and soul mission. All my life I found myself diving into certain themes and history just for fun. I would be drawn to different books and movies and have very realistic dreams constantly.

My mom would watch movies with me when she had downtime and recommended some films when she didn’t. Some titles that really left impressions on me were Practical Magic, The Mask, Woo, What’s the Worse that Could Happen, Kazaam, Simply Irresistible, Howl’s Moving Castle, Mistress of Spices, The Little Princess, and more. All mystical and so amazing; she even enjoyed them. I always felt separated from society, but more at ease connecting with material like that. When I started to explore my middle school library, I read many things about nature, the occult, alternative societal theories, and the dead.

I was not a devotee of Santa Muerte in the beginning, even though she’s been with my soul for thousands of years. I stuck my big toe in Wicca at 14, lol. It was the only thing that fit my beliefs as an atheist transforming into a believer. I used to believe in the ‘God frequency’ or the Most High did not and could not exist because of how bad I felt about my environment and the condition of the world in general. I re-evaluated my life and reviewed my own spiritual experiences; This unblocked my potential, then Wicca fell into my lap. I was young and had just beat self-harm and depression. I explored element-based spirituality with minimal practice. I kept everything a secret after I tried to show my mother. She did not approve. I kept my practice very simple with talismans, incantations, and meditation until she eventually came around years later.

 My first candle working included a personal sigil charged with Health, Wealth, and Beauty. It was very simple. “Nothing too special” is was I thought so I didn’t practice with candles. I didn’t want to risk getting caught so I stuck with what I knew.

A lot of people won’t admit it, but the final agonizing push into the beginning of my spirituality came from a break-up and then dream contact from Kali Ma. I’m not very familiar with her, but I guess she knows me. I’m very honored. She showed me a past life. I was going through many losses at the time physically and emotionally so I decided to turn to divination and take my spirituality more seriously.

 I’ve overcome many lessons and I’ve survived many attacks. There are energies and worlds many people’s eyes can’t see around us and living within the flesh. Most are lost, many are dangerous, but some are divine. As my life progressed, I quickly realized my duty in this world.  There are some entities that don’t like what free thinkers and energy workers are doing. We’re waking up our fellow royals and fulfilling our soul missions.

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the joys and pains that you’ve had to face as a spiritualist?

Jada: I love my spirituality. It has cleared both bloodline and soul karma, which has allowed me to follow my dreams. My spirituality definitely puts me in “time out” when it’s needed. I’m not perfect. I’m a healer who is still healing. I definitely struggled, but it’s always worth it. I don’t have a physical teacher, so my spirits teach me.

 My other issues have stemmed from spiritual warfare. It’s hard to stop glowing.  Once you find out you glow, it’s even harder for negative beings resist feeding off your energy. I found peace in learning that it was common for someone with a soul mission like mine.

I love that I’m able to help others with my gifts. There are countless times when putting a smile on someone’s face eased my worries. Learning and accomplishing new things is so fulfilling. The sensations I get from the energies and scents of herbs, oils, smokes, and candles take me to a happy place. Being able to honor and connect with my spirit team is a beautiful thing. Making them proud is something that I will always hold dear to me.

 Nowadays, I’m still finding joy in manifesting. I understand that I must have the ingredients, the recipes, and the initiative to make a great breakfast – now I make sure I enjoy the cooking and waiting to the fullest no matter what, even if the bowl is broken and there are pots being thrown across the room.

Warlock Asylum: I really enjoyed your video about Santa Muerte and the song that you released about her. How did you discover  La Santisima Muerte and in what ways has her energy been a source of inspiration and development for you?

Jada: Santa Muerte has been with me for lifetimes, but she specifically resurfaced. I had ended up at a party with someone who abused me. It was very uncomfortable and shattering to have them be so comfortable around me. I indulged in partying for a while then finally begged to go home. Once there, I become enraged. I felt very lost and angry. I definitely didn’t want to engage in self-harm, so I chose my best go-to; tattooing myself. I flipped through my portfolio for something “random” and chose to tattoo a sugar skull on my arm. I traced it. The stencil messed up and I ended up drawing it on my arm in sharpie. It varied in design from the original. I tatted it and was so satisfied with the quality. After that, the synchronicities began. My media became flooded randomly with Santa Muerte. Despite the fact that  I hadn’t looked into her at all.

I ignored the signs at first. But after a while, I decided to finally look into what this “Santa Muerte” image was about. During my research, I constantly saw her imagery. I even found some childhood jewelry I had to beg my mother to buy as a kid – a skull steel ring, and a skull bracelet. I also found an old skull and spider painting that I originally found as a kid. I’ve battled with indecision and insecurity all my life. I soon questioned my worthiness but continued. I got so many signs I ended up praying, “if I’m meant to work with you show me a spider three times.”

Over the next few weeks, it had happened and I found myself in Dollar Tree buying things for her new alter. It started very small with a skull tea light holder, candy, and flowers. It came down to honoring her. I chose to do it on September 13, 2019. I’d work with a couple of spirits and energies outside of my ancestors. Most fit and one didn’t. I feared rejection from her. I lit her candle. Yes, I was still full of fear. That night I slept and she appeared in my dream. We stood in darkness, but we were both illuminated. She was beautiful, standing tall before me in bridal attire. Her vail had long beads. She was beautiful and clothed in white. We swung and danced and spun. I woke up in love. I felt loved.
Santa Muerte Song Lyrics; “you got the glow just like me in your white vail and your white beads”
 I continued my devotion. She helped me during a spiritual attack from a demonic cult and continues to protect me. She’s so light and fun but will tell you and show you what’s really real. I love working with her. She wanted me to do more ritual work with her alter, but I mostly honored her and did workings with her only when I kept hearing her ask. She continued to appear in my dreams and around me.  Others with gifts of sight even saw her by my side. My relationship with Santa Muerte grew so deep that I had to realize how comfortable I really was. We are so familiar.

I’ve been through harsh trials and tribulations. During my solo recovery from a demonic attack, I decided to do psychedelics. This was the first time taking some by myself and in my home. Santa Muerte appeared to me. She was in black, her protective aspect. She leaned down to me while I cried and held my hand to my face. She put her other hand on my shoulder. I instantly felt better. That night I experienced many other things including ancestor contact.

Warlock Asylum: How did the song about Santa Muerte come about?

Jada: Woah, I’m so glad you asked. I actually rarely think about how the song came together. I often mix my spiritual practices with my creativity. I was recovering from my car crash when I decided to do a jar working to pass the time and uplift my spirits. I often looked at my rest period as stagnancy. I couldn’t do much, so I decided to focus on what made me the happiest. I wrote my ideas on slips of paper and put them in a jar including a piece of paper with “Santa Muerte” written on it, along with some dandelions, oranges, and other things. Within the next few days, I listened to my collection of beats as usual. I guess she liked that instrumental a lot because the song wrote itself. It was purely out of love and joy. It soon became our song! I sing it to her often.

Warlock Asylum: Along with your spiritual endeavors, you are a very prolific artist. What importance do music and other gifts of artistic expression play in your life?

Jada: I never really felt like anyone heard me. When they did hear me, I felt like they didn’t understand. My creative outlets are all extensions of my expression and myself. As a music lover, I can also testify to its ability to influence feeling. I always say “Under Pressure by Logic saved my life.” I’m sure enjoying compositions of sound and lyricism is in my DNA – anything From Funk to Indie, EDM, Rap, and RnB; I love it all!

I feel the same way about my spirituality. I’m still learning that it’s okay to be alone or different. My spirituality has allowed me to learn why I am the way I am and who I am. I can’t vibe with human beings all the time, but my spirit team is always there to vibe with me.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the spiritual services that you offer to the public?

Jada: I’ve been practicing divination for roughly three years. I’ve been moving around a lot lately, but when I’m settled, I’d love to teach classes on Tarot, Candle Magic, and philosophy. I offer great quality, affordable tarot readings, and free guidance for people subscribed to my YouTube channel and following my Instagram.

Warlock Asylum: How has the feedback been from your clients?

Jada: My face lit up from this question! My feedback has been amazing! I wish I could do readings more often. With every read, there’s something I can always gather and apply to myself to make me better. Every now and again people do reject my messages but it’s never from inaccuracy. Although time is inconclusive and is always changing because of individual and outside forces, I can usually hit the nail on its head. I’ve previously advertised “don’t get a reading from me if you’re gonna shoot the messenger.” I’d love to gather more testimonies. I do collective pick a card for my Instagram and they have been very accurate for my viewers.

Warlock Asylum: What is one of the life lessons that you have learned since coming into your own?

Jada: Well, I believe I have much more growing to do. I haven’t reached the highest peaks of success and healing but I have made it over some giant hurdles and came into a piece of greater knowledge. I’ve learned that no matter what I should honor how I want to feel and trust in my own will and my guides; it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say as long as I’m following my intuition and consulting with my spirit team.

Warlock Asylum: What can we expect to hear from Jada in the future? Any final thoughts?

Jada: Hmmm… I’m going through a huge shift right now full of relocating and emotional and spiritual healing. You will see me become more of my higher self as time passes. I’m working on new music as we speak! I don’t know when it’ll be finished but I’m proud of the progress I made. More art will be coming out and more products will be for sale on my website soon. I’m sure I’ll end up doing more public speaking and writing books too. I can’t wait to read and review your new release on Santa Muerte.  I would love to collaborate and do meet and greets when I’m more financially stable. Catch me active on my media.

I just want to take the time out to thank Santa Muerte. She’s a beautiful being. I’m so grateful for her guidance and her love. She’s helped save my life along with other beings. I believe she brought you and I together for this great opportunity. I’m so blessed and I can always count on her to be in my corner at all times. I love my Mictecacihuatl. .

*On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude and blessings to Jada on all of her earthly and spiritual endeavors. Please keep us posted. Salute!

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