2020 proved to be an industrious year for producer and rap artist J. Mark$. Not only did we see the release of his debut EP titled Written Dreams, and later in the year the Coco Bread EP. However, one of the greatest highlights of his music career is the five-star album he produced featuring rap artist Sheed.

J.A.M.S is simply one of the best rap albums created. Sheed is a brilliant lyricist and his bar-for-bar body count of nouns and verbs will surely speechless. Coupled with J. Mark$’s cutting-edge work and hood-savvy experimentation of taking the beats to the next level, J.A.M.S represents a perfect example of intellectual thuggery at its finest.  J.A.M.S represents the practical sides of everyday life in the urban landscape minus the illusions often attached to such a lifestyle. Sheed is able to capture our attention with a witty delivery that smoothly draws the listener into its gnosis enveloped in a windowpane view.

J.A.M.S is filled with the nostalgia and imagery of a hip-hop purest and the philosophy that implies not leaving the house without a notebook to capture each verse. This sonic treasure chest is fused with such gems as This Ain’t The Place, Rodlove’s Living Room and Henny Conversations to name a few. It is with great honor that I am happy to announce J.A.M.S by Sheed and J. Mark$ as the Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Album of the Year. We wish both Sheed and J. Mark$ all the best in their artistic endeavors. Blessings!


Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Rap Album of the Year: J.A.M.S by Sheed – Produced by J. Mark$

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