Arienne Hearts Charlie is an absolutely amazing purge of love and musicianship. The energy that this married duet imbues is enough to capture your attention for an entire lifetime. Originally from the beloved plains of Louisiana, vocalist Arienne and cultured guitarist Charlie have put together a solid melodic tapestry called The Greatest Show.

The Greatest Show is expected for release on September 17th, 2021. The album consists of thirteen soulful tracks. Beginning with an enthralling album-opener titled Voyuer, Arienne Hearts Charlie successfully infuses elements from both jazz and the classic big band era into their sonic terrain. This electrifying journey is birthed by the duo’s creative guise, or simply put, Charlie’s superb take on guitar and the warmth and comfortability of Arienne’s voice, which give The Greatest Show its continuity and appeal, as found in such lovely offerings like All Of Me and No One Knows. The Greatest Show by Arienne Hearts Charlie is truly a masterful piece of art.