Singer and songwriter Molly Jenson has procured a rich musical legacy since the release of her debut album “Maybe Tomorrow” back in 2005. Her new album Goodbye, which was released on August 20th, 2021, signals a reunion with the incredible musician and producer Greg Laswell.

Goodbye is a 10-track storybook album that is everything a music lover should expect and more from a Molly Jenson post-modern release. She has an incredible voice that lavishly finds an oasis of melodic streams to impart the greatest gift that life can give- her story in musical form.

The album opens with its epic title track Goodbye. The song embodies not only our present state in human history but reminds us just how much music has progressed in the hands of responsible artists. The track is accentuated by a fabulous drum pattern while drawing upon elements of alternative rock, experimental, folk, and soul music genres.

Goodbye’s continuity is reinforced by talented production and thought-provoking lyrical content as expressed in tracks like One Of Us and the album’s concluding tune It’s Not Complicated. Goodbye by Molly Jenson is a powerful musical work that is equally entertaining, fun, and retrospective. Bravo!