The lovely and ultra-talented Billboard chart-topping songstress Nikkole has set the music world aflame with her new single All Mine. The Creole-American award-winning musical veteran has a very rich and inspiring career that has captured the attention of thousands of music lovers who enjoy Nikkole’s refreshing r&b-pop fusion style.

Produced by the legendary Leon Sylvers, All Mine proves to be a vintage offering with a soulful premise. The track’s unique and progressive groove is enchanting and unveils Nikkole’s vibrant taste for reinvention. All Mine opens up with a fragrant and crisp percussive pattern along with distinct measures of bass and synth that radiate vibes of modern funk. This melody is further enhanced by a layer of call-and-response harmonies that appear on the song’s hook.

All Mine reaches a level of transcendence as Nikkole’s voice walks upon the song’s melodic terrain. Nikkole’s keen sense of vocalization is almost effortless, but intensely enthralling and coats a lyrical context that matches the rhythm. All Mine explores the opportunity for a beautiful romance and the sincerity of Nikkole’s premise adds the authenticity to make this heartfelt tune all the more worthy. Salute!