Rebecca Jade is bound to put the music world on fire with her new single titled What’s It Gonna Be. The lifelong singer and songwriter has enjoyed a career of musical success, which includes working with such legendary acts like Sheila E. and Elton John. Her latest offering is nothing short of a masterpiece and is destined to be a generation-mender.

What’s It Gonna Be is a very rich soulful track with a crisp instrumental sound. The melody is accented with a uniquely sharp bassline that rides the drum kit with precision. Additional measures of keyboard and brass arrangements warm this sonic atmosphere with the delight. Rebecca Jade’s vocal performance is exceptional. She is able to glide through a variety of ranges, as she convincingly serenades the listener with sincerity. What’s It Gonna Be by Rebecca Jane is as good as it gets on the pop, r&b, and soul music platforms.