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Probably Not by Kali Indiana – A Winning Song

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska – the multi-talented songstress and outlaw country-rock artist Kali Indiana has released a powerful new song titled Probably Not. Noted for her warm Nashville sound and distinct vocal quality, Kali has definitely gifted music lovers with a melodic gem that tells a story with prose and instrumentation.

Probably Not is a country-rock hummer that carries its weight as a work of art and is equally entertaining. The song describes the mental plane anguish of initial romantic interest. Is she going to like me or not? Is she single or not? These thoughts are supplicated by an acoustic groove. Probably Not’s mid-tempo soundscape is enriched by excellent acoustic guitar play, crisp drumming, and some gorgeous country music arrangements. The track is deepened by the texture and chemistry of Kali Indiana’s voice. Probably Not is truly a winner!