The multi-talented Chris ‘Harry’ Doran aka Blind Uncle Harry returns to the music world with a new single titled “I Just Want You To Know”. Based out of Bloomington, Indiana – the talented singer and songwriter is greatly known for his avant-garde approach to recording and contagious wittiness enveloped in hints of Americana and folk-rock music.

I Just Want You To Know that examines some of America’s core values – and the different perspectives that permeate throughout our society. The song has a similar theme to John Lennon’s Give Peace A Chance. Lennon’s assassination is even mentioned by Blind Uncle Harry as a turning point and beginning of a more violent world.

Blind Uncle Harry has layered I Just Want You To Know with an organic landscape of instrumentation, including crisp drums, live fiddle, and a chunky taste of electric guitar. I Just Want You To Know by Blind Uncle Harry is the right message for a failing America.


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