As one of the leading Necronomicon alchemists to date, Terrane Hicks aka The Dark Lord has proven that true spiritual cultivation and prosperity is the result of hard work and dedication. Not only is he the founder of the esoteric organization called The Royal Bloodline but has also taken the lead in dispensing rare knowledge through his YouTube channel “Occult Kollege”.

People from all walks of life have benefited and enjoyed Terrane’s visual discourses. The channel’s description so eloquently states that he has “gained a strong reputation in the occult world for his practical approach” to what is known historically as hidden sciences. In the Dark Lord’s world, it’s all about achieving one’s aims in a no-nonsense manner – work with what works, nothing more nothing less.

The Occult Kollege channel is a great resource for those who are looking to improve their lives and seeking esoteric insights. Terrane Hicks successfully simplifies some of the deeper aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism, and to a greater extent African spirituality. Along with the site’s amazing info, The Occult Kollege offers membership that is affordable and educational.

It is with great honor that we are happy to announce that The Occult Kollege has achieved over 1,000 uploads, which really unveils the dedication and sincerity of the channel’s founder Terrane Hicks. This is quite an accomplishment for the esoteric world and few alchemical YouTube channels can make such claims. Big salute to Terrance Hicks and The Royal Bloodline for creating such a valuable resource for the occult community.

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