English musician and multi-instrumentalist Leon Oxenham strikes a new chord in the hearts of folk-rock music lovers. Since releasing his classic EP titled Storm, Leon has worked on new music. The premise of which is quite impressive.   Leon Oxenham’s latest effort titled Hang Fire has procured some dynamic artistic gems. In this review. we will cover some of Leon Oxenham’s latest material and some key aspects of the methodology he employs through song.

As an upbeat acoustic charmer, Hidden Words really brandishes Oxenham’s brilliance as a singer and songwriter. The acoustic guitar rhythm, enlivened bassline, and crisp drumming breathe all the aspects of a live performance into a studio recording. Additionally, Oxenham’s voice and harmonies on the track provide another blanket of creative warmth for listeners to enjoy.

Still Time is another upbeat treasure that flourishes in a sonic river of folk-rock tradition. The track’s picturesque lyrics add a point of introspection and depth to the tune’s vibe and optimistic message. Oxenham’s theme is that “dreams are still alive,”  is a perfect mantra for life in a post-pandemic world.

Taking things on a softer and slower tempo comes the title Lonely Daze, which exemplifies a bluesy edge. Leon Oxenham’s passionate vocal performance really embeds some very strong visuals of love and relationship struggles that transform into another lane of assurance. amid some superb drumming.

Out There is another strong groove with a strong and catchy hook. Out There reveals Oxenham’s incredible consistency when it comes to the organic nature of his signature style. We also hear a touch of Dylan-influenced vocal tones. The acoustic guitar strums and swirling bass chords give Out There great artistic distinction and imaginative poise.

Leon Oxenham continues to impress the world with his grassroots approach to musicality and instrumental ethics. Keeping to a talented and highly energized blueprint that is void of gimmicks and vulgarity makes Loen Oxenham’s sound truly genuine.


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