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I Only See You by Janet LaBelle: The Return of the First Lady of Soul

The multi-talented singer and songwriter Janet LaBelle shines upon the music world once again with her newest release entitled, I Only See You. Janet’s creative expertise and lifelong love affair with music have produced a wonderful catalog of chorale and song. She has an earth-shattering voice with a boundless inventiveness. As a multi-instrumentalist, Janet is able to craft an enthralling musical landscape that embraces the touch of emotion. Personally, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Janet on several occasions and can testify to the dexterity of her industriousness as a working musician.

Released by Loantaka Records, I Only See You is a charming EP composed of three remarkable tracks. The project certainly reveals Janet’s evolution as a musician, songwriter, and woman. I Only See You possesses a deep timelessness and is gracefully enchanting. The quality of this recording should certainly be studied by the academic world for its sonic execution and song structure.

I Only See You Track-by-Track Review

1-I Can’t Believe You Did That: The opening song is an impressive pop tune that incorporates elements of folk-rock and soul music into its soundscape. Janet’s vocal performance is completely stunning. She sings as if the lyrics were written in the mirror of her audience’s hearts. I Can’t You Believe Did That covers the theme of getting beyond heartbreak. The lyrics seem to indicate using the outcome of a broken romance as the springboard in moving on to something better.

2-When I Hear (Beautiful Music): This is an instant favorite. When I Hear (Beautiful Music) is filled with epic measures that are brought to the forefront of tune by the warmth of a moving bassline and the dialogue of the lead piano. Janet’s vocal continuity is spectacular. Though s bit of a tear-jerker, When I Hear (Beautiful Music) is a masterpiece!

3-I Only See You: Janet concludes this epic work with this beautiful ballad.  The track demonstrates Janet’s musical range and versatility in song. I Only See You is filled with the promise that this is not the last of Janet LaBelle.

I Only See You unveils another side of Janet LaBelle’s symphonious genius. This crafty offering certainly puts Janet on the fast track of becoming a household name as an artist but also demonstrates the rewards that originality and perseverance brings. I Only See You will definitely have you addicted to the rewind key of melody.