Released in April 2022, “On The Day That You Come To” by Del Vertigo is a 5-track EP enriched with a keen sense of innovativeness. The project is a full plate of contrasting sounds that ride upon a blanket of rock consciousness in the genre.

On The Day That You Come To opens its awakening with the charismatic and yet shadowy Obsidian Hills. The track has an ethereal edge along with some intriguing electric guitar strums. The larger-than-life vocals put the listener in a world where they can touch the skies via sound. I love it!

After the dramatic Obsidian Hills, we journey into a deeper world of garage psychedelic rock that is reminiscent of the English bands from the late-60s with a modern edge, as brilliantly seen in cuts like In Dreams. On The Day That You Come To by Del Vertigo is a unique offering with years of intrigue for the world ahead.


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