Known mostly for his longtime work with the band Ancient Wave, musician Jarad Miles emerges from a world amid the pandemic with an extraordinary offering titled Standing Upon This Array. Jarad began developing ideas for the album, which is expected to be released on June 7th, 2022, during the pandemic since he couldn’t meet with his fellow band members due to quarantine.

The new project is a full-length album comprising of ten tracks. Interestingly, it has been nine years since Jarad Miles has released a full-length album, the last being his 2013 offering titled Ancient Wave. Jarad would also initiate the aid of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Kyleen King, who appeared on several tracks.

Standing Upon This Array is a golden potluck of elements from several genres that fall primarily at the crossroads of folk-rock and electro-pop. The album totes an etheric vibe and expresses some introspective themes Beginning with the album’s title track Standing Upon This Array, the listener is led into a series of Edenlike arrangements of brisk and organic rhythms and expressed in other tracks like Apples N Pears and Peace Come In among others. Overall, Standing Upon This Array by Jarad Miles is a journey of healing and celebration with a bright edge.


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