Hailing from Minneapolis, the eclectic four-piece rock band known as Sun Wave Mountain Cave is sizzling with their new 5-track EP titled Familiar To Me. The new  project is set to be released on May 20th, 2023. St. Paul locals Linus Kangas (drums/vocals, The Drug Budget, Volsunga Saga), Dave Abbott (bass/vocals, The Karma Kicks) and Bryan Fate (guitar/keys/vocals) first started playing music together in a crowded bedroom after middle school over 15 years ago.

Familiar To Me is surreal musical journey enlivened by original melodies and heartwarming harmonies. From start to finish we find an enthralling and soulful offering filled with an inventive magic of storytelling tracks that focus upon the themes of going through the struggles of everyday life and the death of the ego. This album is concentrated talent that all music lovers can embrace, regardless of genre. But do add an extra star if you’re surfing the waves between folk rock and progressive sounds. Familiar To Me by Sun Wave Mountain Cave is a wonderful work of sonic genius!


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