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A Christian’s Perspective On The Necronomicon Tradition: Interview With ‘Heaven Awaits’ Author Marianne

 Nyarlathotep Looks like Jesus Christ


I would like to welcome everyone to the Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page. If this is your first time here, we suggest that you preview some of our previous articles in order to gain a better understanding of our current discussion. Our page is designed to serve as an information channel for individuals practicing or interested in the Necronomicon Tradition. We wish you the best on your journey in finding Self and spiritual fulfillment.  

Over the past few years since the inception of this blog page, the Warlock Asylum staff has had its fair share of debates with noted scholars and  critics of the Necronomicon tradition, among these are Dan Harms, Venger Santanis, Jason 666 King, and many others. It would seem as if the growing interest in the Necronomicon Tradition has also brought with it a more critical analysis of this sacred tradition. However, we also find that these debates have led to the discovery of unexplored truths and information that could not be obtained otherwise. It reminds me of a passage that was mentioned in the movie Matrix 2; “You never really know someone unless you fight them.”  

We are now beginning a new chapter in the realms of Necronomicon dialogue and expanding the debate circle to even those of the Abrahamic Religions, as in the case of Christianity. Surprisingly, about 80 percent of the Gate-Walkers that I have met have Christian backgrounds. This might seem odd to some, but since the Necronomicon Tradition is based on the ‘pre-Adamite Chaldean system of spirituality, elements of our tradition can be seen in the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  

Elements of the Necronomicon tradition are extremely prevalent in Christianity, especially when we look at aspects like the Holy Trinity of the Christians, The Father, The Holy Ghost, and The Son, is a complete reinvention of the Chaldean trinity of  Anu, Enlil, and Enki. The three women most prominent in the Gospel accounts, Mother Mary, Mary Magdeline, and Martha, are a reinvention of the Chaldean legends concerning  Tiamat, Inanna/Ishtar, and Ereshkigal. In all actuality a close examination of the Gospel’s description of the life of Jesus Christ is no more than a replay of the Chaldean Gate-Walking rites of Initiation:  
Jesus and Peter
First, we find that Gabriel impregnated Mary with the “divine child.” This is not only a replay of the Sacred marriage Rite, but relates to the first Sphere in the Gate_walking Process of Nanna, since kabbalisticly, Gabriel is the archangel of Yesod, the Sphere of the Moon, which corresponds to the Nanna Gate.
Secondly, we have an adolescent Jesus, at the age of 12, performing the “scribe’s function” of asking the leader in the synagogue questions. If we notice Jesus is 12 years of age and the number 12 corresponds directly to the Sphere of Nebo, Nebo directly follows the Nanna Gate in the Gate-Walking rituals of the Necronomicon Tradition.  

Thirdly, although the Gospels do not report any occurence in the life of Jesus between the ages of 12 and 29 1/2, it is still evident that he is following the Gate-walking rite of imitation as the Gate-Walker must descend into Ganzir after the Sphere of Marduk (Jupiter) and arise only to Walk the gate of Adar (Saturn). What is interesting about this is that the Descent into Ganzir was often metaphorically described by the ancient Chaldeans as traveling below “the waters,” as was the case of Inanna/Ishtar. Here we see Jesus at the age of 29 1/2 years (the time it takes for Saturn to orbit around the Sun, descending and re-emerging from the waters as symbolized in baptism.  
Inanna and Ninshubur similar to Jesu and Peter

Fourthly, We find that in the Ancient Chaldean Rites of imitation, the Initiate must then venture into the realms of fixed stars of the zodiac, which in the Necronomicon Tradition corresponds to the Sphere of Enki (See the Simon Necronomicon’s Complimentary material To 777). Ironically enough, after Jesus is baptized he is tempted by the Devil during his 40 day stay in the wilderness. Enki’s number is known to be 40 since ancient times, Of course, we must also state that John the Baptizer served as Jesus’ Watcher. The Watcher is an integral part of the Necronomicon Tradition  

From these few examples we can see that Christians would do well to seek some understanding the practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradtion, who would gladly share insights into the origins of their religion.  

For those of you who are regular readers of our Info Page, may be well aware that earlier this week sparks flew between author of the Christian Heaven Awaits Blog Page, hosted by the mysterious Christian persona Marianne and Warlock Asylum based on the Dark Knight’s Open Letter to Pastor Terry Jones. Not only did Warlock receive some hate mail from the article, but also threats from Muslims.  Although Marianne and Warlock did get into some heavy dialogue about the issue, Marianne’s sincerity and love for truth led to a more diplomatic exchange. later in the week, Warlock wrote a rebuttal to Marianne, while calling her a Christian extremist. it seemed that after all was settled and done both parties could agree to disagree on mature level while respecting each other’s spiritual paths. Earlier today. Warlock Asylum got a chance to Interview Marianne:  
Ancient Origins of Modern Christianity
   Warlock Asylum:  For our readers  here who might not be familiar with you, can you let us know who you are? And what is your spiritual path?  

Marianne: I am no one.  My path is following the teachings of Jesus as he originally taught them, not as man teaches.   

  Warlock Asylum:  How did you discover Christianity if at all? And how has this religion been of great benefit to you and your family?  

 Marianne: My parents were Christians, so they planted a “seed of faith” in me.  However, I found my own way in my faith, and accepted it as a personal relationship with God. I have read about other religions and faiths, and have friends in those faiths.  I respect what they think, but I follow my own conscience….What is most important to me is not that I discovered Christianity, but that I discovered Jesus, and who he is.  He appeared to me, in the most dangerous, and lowest moment of my life, and that moment I will carry with me the rest of my life.  That vision saved my life, and instilled a memory I could hold onto for strength, as I faced further difficulties. I think obeying the values and instructions that God gives us benefits us, and inspires us to greater actions in this world, and brings joy, even under difficult circumstances.   

 Warlock Asylum: What do you think the future of Christianity will be in this “New America?”  

  Marianne: I think the church structure will eventually fail, because it has deviated from the teachings of Jesus. Many Christians get offended when their faith is attacked, but they shouldn’t be.  I hear complaints from non-believers which are very legitimate.  If the Christians have left themselves open to criticism, then they should fix the behavior that caused the criticism.  Other criticisms can be unfair.  I would have to look at each one.  ..A big criticism I have myself is the emphasis on money, power and prosperity.  True power comes from holiness, discipline, and a close walk with God.  There is no cheap way to obtain it.  Just as in the world, those in power got there with certain skills, education, and the wisdom to use their knowledge correctly. This is the same way with spiritual power. It is not free, and one has to be worthy of it, or it will only be weak and fake..The early church was full of power and miracles, because the people were humble, rejected sin, and lived in holiness before God.  People were healed, and sometimes even the dead were raised back to life.  Believers were connected to their Hebrew roots as well, because much of what Jesus taught, and God still expected, was outlined in the Old Testament. Jesus was Torah observant. But Christians now, in general, use the New Testament almost exclusively, and miss the richness of the rest of scripture. They reject many instructions of God as unnecessary, so they also miss the blessings that come with obedience. ..Sermons can be dead and boring, and spiritual thoughts only seem to occur on Sunday.  Christians can be too carnal, sinful, and spiritually lazy. ..Many Christians have lost their passion, and have compromised with the world – so materialistic that you cannot tell the difference between the world and the Christians.  We are called out from the world, to be separate, and to live a life of goodness -toward God and others.   You should be able to tell us by just observing our behavior, and listening to what we say.  If you cannot tell who we are, then we are deficient, and a poor witness. But all this was prophesied in the scriptures. There would be a great falling away from the truth, and God would have to chastise the church, in order to purify it.  He will chastise the world as well, but only after he finishes with the church, which should know better.  I think the purely ignorant will get mercy. ..I am guessing that only about 15% of Christians would miss this chastisement, and the majority would have to go through it.   Many know this as the Great Tribulation, which even other faiths are aware of.   

Warlock Asylum:  What advice would you give to those who are practitioners of the Necronomicon Tradition in all honesty?  

Marianne: I do not think I totally understand all your beliefs.  It appears to be connected to ancient traditions before Abraham was called, and is centered around multiple deities.  I am busy on my own website, so I have not looked at all the postings yet that you have on yours.  My impression is that you identify Jesus as Lucifer, which I would not do.   I can see the reason, but do not agree with it, as I think is a matter of interpretation of some scriptural passages.  ..And you possibly have a mystical component, but I am not sure what it is yet.   I think you believe in magic, which is drawing on the energy from the spirits of this world.  I would myself, instead, draw on the energy provided by the power of a single Creator. ..It would take a long time to read all your posts. For the same of time efficiency –  If you gave me a concise summary list of what you believe, it would help.  I could then address that better….My hope is that when Jesus returns, all disputes over who he is and is not -are settled…Some refer to this future time as the Time of Enlightenment.  Others call it the Messianic age.  Irregardless of terminology, when truth is present, all erroneous concepts will be dropped,  in the “light” of what is true. ..Then we will not have to debate or argue over beliefs, because the truth will be evident.  

Finally, We here at the Necronomicon Info page would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation for Marianne and the time that she took to inform of her views. it is deeply appreciated. though you may not realize it, but some Christians are a part of the Great Necronomicon Tradition. Stay Blessed!!!  

Simon Magus

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