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Since the Initiates of the Asaru Culture also known as the Necronomicon Tradition has made a historical public appearance and opened this blog page, the impact of the Necronomicon Tradition has been noted by scholars and scientists alike. Regardless, of how controversial the Necronomicon Tradition may be, it is still the most influential grimoire of the century.

This influence has reached the worlds of art, music, religion, and even science. The essence of the Necronomicon Tradition has influenced man throughout the ages under the guise of various names.

Today, I discovered still yet more evidence of its influence on the scientific world with the work of M. Don Schorn and his highly acclaimed work, entitled, Elder Gods of Antiquity. I am surethat our readership will be happy to know that this work is available on Amazon at the following link:

I must admit that I have not read Schorn’s work yet, but I will be ordering a copy this week and writing a full review once read. In the meantime, readers may want to review this video footage were Schorn talks about his theory.

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4 thoughts on “Is The Necronomicon Tradition Now Influencing the World of Science? Introducing “The Elder Gods Theory”

  1. This is mind blowing, he is relating the Magan Text or Tablets of Creation from Babylon as a verifiable theory. Unique, to say the least. I will order his books and see. I do not like the whole Alien angle but is expected.

    1. Warlock Asylum says:

      Thanks! yeah, the works of Sitchin are cultish, in the true sense of the word, and have long been disproven

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