Who exactly is the servant of Inanna and how does she fit in the Workings of the Simon Necronomicon?

In Part four of the Magan Text on page 174 of the Simon Necronomicon we can read: ISHTAR’s servant NINSHUBUR. Though this name can only be found twice in the Simon Necronomicon She does actually fulfill an important role in the Gate-Walking Ceremonies.

Ninshubur is considered a Goddess in her own right and it is also said that She acts as a messenger for the other Gods. But foremost she was Inanna’s friend and “sukkal”. A “sukkal” is a second-in-command or a vizier. It was Ninshubur who protected Inanna, after Her theft of the sacred “me”, against the Demons of Enki.
To recover the “Boat of Heaven” and the sacred “me”, Enki sent all manner of Demons such as fifty URU-giants and fifty LAHAMA-monsters. He sent the sound-piercing KUGALGAL and he sent the ENUNUN. He sent many terrible others too, but each time Ninshubur rescued the boat for Inanna. When Inanna became trapped in the Underworld, it was Ninshubur who pleaded with Enki for her mistress’s release.

There is yet another connection that they share. A connection that can be found in the heavens. Inanna is associated with the planet Venus and Ninshubur is associated with the planet Mercury. These planets appear together in the skies, hence the heavenly connection.

Ninshubur is described as an unmarried virgin, though there are a few accounts in which Ninshubur is one of Inanna’s lovers. In Akkadian mythology Ninshubur was considered to be male. The real importance of Ninshubur becomes clear when we take a look at the meaning of the name. Ninshubur is translated as, Queen of the East. Now where have we seen this title before? That’s right! The Invocation of the Eastern Gate.

“Thee I invoke, Mistress of the Rising Star,
Queen of Magick, of the Mountains of MASHU!
Thee I call forth this day to guard this Most Holy mandal against the Seven Ensnarers, the Seven-Liers-In-Wait, the evil Maskim, the Evil Lords!
Thee I summon, Queen of the Eastern Ways, that thou mayest protect me from the Eye of Death, and the evil rays of the ENDUKUGGA and NINDUKUGGA!
Be watchful, Queen of the Eastern Ways, and Remember!
Spirit of the East, Remember!”

So it is actually Ninshubur that is called upon to serve as Watchtower of the Eastern Gate. She acts to protect the magician in the Gate-Walking Ceremonies as she did with Inanna. I suggest that magicians who work with these Invocations include the name Ninshubur in the corresponding Invocation. Adding Name, Titles and Sphere of Origin to an Invocation of corresponding Power serves to increase potency of the Conjuration.