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I thought that some of our viewers might enjoy a few proverbs that I have taken not of in the Simon Necronomicon, of which the gods have given me an understanding of through epiphany. Today’s proverb is taken from the Simon Necronomicon page 210. It is one of the most beautiful passages that I have read. It is filled with colorful imagery.


“And I have seen them turn the very Moon’s rays into liquid, the which they poured upon their stones for a purpose I could not divine.

And I have seen them turn into many strange kinds of beast as they gathered in their appointed places, the Temples of Offal, whereupon horns grew from heads that had not horns, and teeth from mouths that had not such teeth, and hands become as the talons of eagles or the claws of dogs that roam the desert areas, mad and howling, like unto those who even now call my name outside this room!”


The passage quoted above refers to our process of initiation, as found in the Simon Necronomicon. The above quote mentions how the ‘Moon’s rays turn into liquid.’  This refers to the subtle energy that is bestowed upon the GateWalker, thereby strengthening his/her astral body. This process also involves raising the kundalini, as the stone that the moon’s liquid is poured upon, is base of the spine, or the seat upon which the kundalini arises.

The Mad Arab also speaks about these same ones being able to take the shape of many beasts. This process occurs through the GateWalking Rites, where we become the beast that corresponds to the gate we are in. The Black Zodiac, listed in the SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777 gives us a list of these attributes. For example, NANNA rules CANCER, which is attributed the SNAKE. Further astral powers are developed in our rites of self-initiation. The Mad Arab refers to this in the above quote as ‘those growing teeth whose mouths did not have teeth before.’ The development of the astral body can appear to wield monstrous visions and strange phenomena as we walk into the higher Gates of the Three Great Watchers.


Let us embrace this path without fear, but with wisdom and patience so that we can develop our very being far beyond the expectations placed upon us by this society. Instead we are ambassadors of the great gods of old, and through our work we are govern by these divine forces and they in turn are kept alive by our memory.



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