I would like to welcome everyone here to the Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Info Page.! If this is your first time visiting us, please take some time to review our previous pages to understand the place in the current discussion.

I would like to further expand on our recent discussion concerning the workings of the Simon Necronomicon as a spiritual system. I will answer some of the questions and opinions made concerning the topic herein by both Dan Harms and Venus Satanas. In an earlier post entitled The Simon Necronomicon as a Spiritual System author Dan Harms provided his definition of what a spiritual system is. Harms makes some interesting points within the confines of this definition. Harms also commented on my Interview With Historian Denny Sargent. I am sure that Harms is confident that he is indeed expressing a noble intention. However, Mister Dan Harms still has left a few open doors and questions concerning his own opinions by only focusing on certain sections of the Interview. For example Harms still hasn’t responded to Denny Sargent’s statement that reads as follows:

“..And I had and have utter respect for Simon a writer but also as a mage….My MA is focused on ancient history and I did a lot of my research on Egypt and Mesopotamia- so what I can say, as a historian, is that Simon’s work is BASED on Sumerian and other Mesopotamian magickal systems, images and incantations. It is my opinion that he was reviving a Sumerian magickal tradition within the ‘schema’ of the Necronomicon- and maybe he (and Herman) figured that they could make some  $ as well…:)”

Here we see a perspective of a historian that does make note that the Simon Necronomicon is consistent with Ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian  magickal systtems. Yet I would also like to remind the reader that this is an observation that is made by someone who is not a GateWalker, but has a strong foundation in ancient history and its magickal systems. Sargent does talk about the dangers of the system, but these dangers lie in any magickal system wherein the Initiate has not properly prepared themselves for the work.  In another recent post entitled The Simon Necronomicon the Method of Self-Initiation Into Enochian Magick we discover that it was Herman Slater’s idea and not Simon, to include some of the Lovecraft Mythologies into what is known today as the Simon Necronomicon. This would mean that Simon’s approach in writing the Simon Necronomicon was not with the intent to capitalize off of Lovecraft’s fame. This is the issue that Mister Dan Harms has to come to terms with. I am sure that Harms is trying to reach a “noble” conclusion for his own spiritual development that neither I, or anyone else can speak on. Harms has to do this within his own sacred confines, and by doing so Harms may be able to take the Dan Harms Machine into a greater place. Now let us look at another question from a Miss Venus Satanas.

Although Miss Satanas has falsely suggested that I deleted her post (view the comment in Dan Harms response The Simon Necronomicon as a Spiritual System, Part 2) with the following words:

“I took a chance that he would delete my post because I was direct with my questioning..”

I am curious as to why Miss Satanas would make such a statement. This is a very honest forum, which is why I have been open to answer all critical thoughts of any opinions expressed about information that is published here, whether it is Mister Dan Harms, Rev Xul, Dan Clore, John Gonce Wisdom III,  Andrew Pernick, or any other inhabitants of the New Age Arkham Asylum, that continues to threaten the peaceful community of GateWalkers for no reason at all by their unwarranted and unnecessary biased opinions.  Since Miss Satanas has expressed some doubt concerning the intentions of this page without reason, we will carefully comment on some of the staememtn that she has made, which can be viewed in the article Is The Dan Harms Machine Breaking Down?

Miss Venus Satanas has a very beautiful website, which one can view for themselves here- Venus Satanas Website. She provides her readers with very useful insights and it is an excellent source for anyone walking along the path of Indiviualistic Satanic thought. I first posted a link to Miss Venus Satanas website in my response to Harms in the article “Is the Dan Harms Machine Breaking Down?” to illustrate that their are individuals who have found spiritual refreshment in systems that do not completely match the criteria that Harms mentioned in his article. Yet she has been able to find a system of spirituality that may not be popular, but is still able to be a source of good encouragement and it is for this reason that I posted her link into my article. I actually enjoy her writings, yet her system does not fall into the confines of what Harms defines as spiritual.

Miss Venus Satanas made following comment in respone to my Is The Dan Harms Machine Breaking Down?:

“all you seem to be doing is chattering  about the idea and not presenting us with something real and useful. What would this system be like? What would it accomplish? enlighten us, please.”

I wonder if Miss Venus Satanas has read all of the material on the GateWalker’s Page for her to make the statement that we are not presenting anything “real” or and “useful?” Interesting. However, Miss Venus Satanas has asked a couple of questions that it would be very “useful” to look into.

First of all the true ancient concept of what spirituality would and would not accomplish is obscene. Spirituality is the study of natural principles and applying them in your life. It is not something that is separate of life. It is the study of life by understanding how the world of nature and the subtle energies of life move within the world and within our own being. What one gains from working with the Simon Necronomicon is based on ones’ intent with the system and this is true of all sysyems. I can relate the system that is found in the Simon Necronomicon, with others systems from Christianity to Yoruba, and other systems. The Simon Necronomicon is useful for transformation and alignment with the natural order of things. The rituals are based on the Moon Cycles, which cause an alignment to lunar, planetart, and stellar energies. Most GateWalkers experience a strong lucidity during the full moon and other moon phases naturally. The connection that the GateWalker has with the stars is a unique relationship within itself. Usually visions and dreams occur when certain stellar changes take place, and how it will effect your life.  The GateWalker is thereby able to make a petition to the natural starry forces and make a more good outcome of  what has been shown to them or accept what has been shown to them. This relationship with the deities in the Simon Necronomicon works in two way. it first exposes certain flaws of the Initiate’s persona, and by doing so, it shows how the Initiate may be blocked from a certain goal in life due to a certain activity or addiction. The Initiate is then given the emotional perspective of how such action is inappropriate and by correcting it other aspects of life are opened up to that individual. So it does help in transforming the person. Yet this is where the system can be dangerous. I have witnessed people who have attempted to use the system with the wrong intent -go insane. This was due only to the fact that the Initiate’s pride, or false ego, would get in the way, and certain things that needed to be corrected were just swept underneath the rug because they refused to see themselves operating in a way that was harmful to themselves or others. Yet they would continue to beckon upon the deities to grant them certain blessings. Since they could not except the their true nature that was being exposed to them, they were  consumed in that same pride. This is the curse of Enki, and this is why I stated earlier that each Initiate may get something different from the system because we all have different blockages in our live on our path to perfection that we have to personally work out. Secondly, the system is a great source of magickal power that can be worked to obtain many things when one has the proper perspective. Most GateWalkers have acquired different magickal gifts over time. yet by the time these gifts are obtained their intent on how they are used changes from one of selfishness to one of purity.

I have no issues with the system, nor I am trying to prove the value of the system to anyone. I have simply provided a resource for those who are uninitiated and newcomers unto this path. There are times where I may talk about “Mister Dan Harms” in a joking manner yet I still pray for Harms and his family (especially his younger brother) that they may be protected through such turbulent times. I look at the debates between Harms and I, as a sport that can also work as a resource of knowledge. I have even used some information from the Necronomicon Files, the writings of Dan Clore, and others opposed to the system, as resources for some of my informative blogs concerning the system itself.

I have stated that the Simon Necronomicon is a martial art because of its structure. Once one has been mentored by an older GateWalker they may use their magickal art in a way that is different than another GateWalker, yet they are still honoring the Necronomicon Tradition and are a part of a rare heritsge. The GateWalker is one who has obtained a personal relationship with the deities that are written about and studied by anthropologist and scholars. Therefore, the GateWalking Community is like a family of brothers and sister and the parents are the deities. This being the case, one GateWalker may differ in their experience with a particular deity than another GateWalker may have, but these are things concerning ones intergration of their personal experience with the deity that is different than another GateWalker. It is like a brothers’ and sisters’ opinoon of the parent in question- while it may be somewhat different they still repect the parental authority that the parent has and know how some of the parent’s attributes are seen in their own lives since they are progeny of them. We have been able to provide insights on the GateWalker’s Page about the Sumerian and Mesopotamian deities that is not found in books but it is still consistent with the ancient mythologies due to such.

Although some may consider themselves “critics” of our heritage, the GateWalking Community still falls under the western definition of a religious system. Wikipedia gives us the following definition on the term Religion.

“a religion is an organized approach to human spirituality which usually encompasses a set of narratives, symbols, beliefs and practices, often with a supernatural or transcendent quality, that give meaning to the practitioners experiences of life through reference to a higher power, God or gods, or ultimate truth.”

Practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon fall directly under this definition. I am of the personal belief that the Simon Necronomicon has been attacked over recent years due to the grimoire’s power. In some aspects the work of individuals like Dan Harms, work in a beneficial way since it deters the ignorantly-curious from working with such a powerful work and that could injure a person who is not reponsible in the Necronomicon Tradition. I often liken the work of the GateWalker to the Ninja as seen in the movie Shinobi and I encourage every GateWalker to view this film because it shows how a group with real magickal power can be feared and why. So work in a responsible way.

Warlock Asylum

3 thoughts on “The Simon Necronomicon: A Spiritual Martial Art.

  1. Thank you for replying.

    Yes, when i first posted on this blog, I noticed that I had to wait for approval of my comment, and i noticed that later on it was approved. maybe it was because i wasn’t signed into wordpress – i’m not sure. Not knowing you personally and only occasionally posting at Dan’s blog, I did not know whether you would accept my comment or not, since it was an intrusion between your ongoing discussion.

    I am also glad that you clarified why you posted my link, and at Dan’s blog you also mentioned that you thought i was ‘venger’.. I felt that both you and Dan might think that because venger and I have the same initials or similar name we are the same person! but we are not the same person , of course. so our initial contact with each other was unsure, until i was able to show you both that I am not Venger, nor am i allied with him.

    I am also not against spiritual systems that are not accepted as mainstream. being a part of the New Religious Movement of Satanism has allowed me to experience meeting other people who have new and unusual ways of expressing spirituality
    and magic. And, I like that. I do not believe that a system of magic has to be ancient in order for it to be useful. As you mentioned above, the simon necro. was a revival of the ancient ways, which says to me that it is not the *same* as what ancient people practiced but it could be based on some of their beliefs.

    It is similar with wicca and neopaganism. Some claim that they are practicing the ancient methods, but this is not entirely true. We do not have accurate, step by step records of ancient rites, and so what they have created is a revival of some of what they believed in and what they did.

    I think the simon necro. is similar to those revivalist practices, but it has also incorporated techniques and methods that are not ancient. That is not unusual. Chaotes Carroll and Sherwin did the same thing by taking parts of magic practices and stripping them down to the basic core essentials and created a system from it. while chaos is not a method of spirituality it is a means of magic, and it is often dismissed by traditionalists as being without foundation. Again, I dont think that a method of magic has to be ancient for it to work. Ancientness does not always equate to usefulness or validity.

    I read part of the gatewalker series, parts 1-3 here at your blog. the descriptions took me back to when I was practicing the necronomicon magic
    many years ago. In truth, I got as far as the summoning of the watchers and the entrance
    into the first gate. I never did the ritual. That is where i stopped because I was very uncertain of what would happen if I did that ritual. I wasn’t ready to use that kind of magic. I don’t know if I will ever be ready
    for that, or if it’s what I want to do.

    Because of the necronomicon’s history, its easy to classify it as experimental modern magic, just like chaos magic and those who work with the Lovecraftian current. It may have some basis in historical fact, but let’s face it – even though we have information on the rituals of the ancients, we will never be able to see the world as they had seen it, or to experience in in the way that they did. We have our modern lives that we live, and our modern understanding of spirituality. The ancient Sumerians had their own unique understanding of the world that no matter how much we study or know, we will never be able to experience the same spirituality that they did. We have only our modern interpretation of their words and rites. This does not mean that it’s not useful, but it does mean that we can’t recapture what they knew and experienced in the context of which it was meant to be experienced it. (unless we traveled back in time
    and lived as they lived). It is an issue faced by all New Religious Movements, including neopaganism. James R. Lewis covers these topics with intelligence in his series on religion.

    The Simon method reminds me very much of planetary magic painted with the names and meanings of the ancients, applied to a modern context. My issue with some of the simon system is that it is not ancient in itself, but it
    is based in some ancient beliefs.

    The ancientness of a system gives a system validity in certain aspects but it also adds to the falseness of it. Wicca is a good example. Most of Wicca was based on Crowley’s works and the words of people like Margaret Murray who claimed that Wicca was prehistoric. Some even contend that the witch trials were a persecution of real witches. They intend to re-write history to make it seem as if their religion is ancient,
    when it is not. This false veneer makes some Wiccans hard to take seriously because they contend that their religion is ancient, despite
    the many historical facts that prove otherwise. But in admitting this they are also admitting that their religion is new, uncertain, untested. All methods of magic had to experience that phase of newness and uncertainty before it became tradition. As such, Wicca, Satanism and even the gatewalking system are all a part of the new religious movements that developed in the last century.

    As far as spiritual systems go – they are only as valid and as useful as the ones who use it. and the only way to know if it is useful is to observe the ones who use it. Do they produce results, or does it come with a high failure
    rate? Do the methods improve a person’s life or complicate it? these are some important things to consider. A spiritually mature person is able to be confident and sure in themselves; they have no need to experience spirituality as a contest or to constantly defend their beliefs. They will pick their battles when necessary. a spiritually mature person leads a responsible life, and it shows.

    In considering this view, this is why I agreed with dan’s first post which gave explanation to how some folks react when they are confronted with their spirituality. I have seen these principles in action, in the satanic community and within other spiritual communities. There are people who act persecuted, or who appeal to ancient authority and other things that
    had been mentioned in that list, and I’m glad that Dan brought it up. What he was talking about was spiritual accountability, and maturity.

    Also, I have to comment on this statement because I see parallels between Satanism, demonology and the gatewalking system.

    You stated above: “I am of the personal belief that the Simon Necronomicon has been attacked over recent years due to the grimoire’s power. In some aspects the work of individuals like Dan Harms, work in a beneficial way since it deters the ignorantly-curious from working with such a powerful work and that could injure a person who is not reponsible in the Necronomicon Tradition.”

    The Simon necro. is attacked or disregarded for many reasons. Its attacked from within the occult because it is not a traditional system. It’s attacked because it claims a historical origin, when it is not historical. Its also attacked because it attracts a certain personality to it’s workings, which may or may not be dangerous to the individual. I see the same parallel in satanism and satanic groups. Satanism, being on the fringe of accepted occult practice is disregarded by many as either foolish or idiotic; also some satanists claim that their beliefs are ancient, when it is not. Satanism didnt exist in the public until the last century. In many cases it attracts a certain kind of personality that either creates a stronger individual or it spits them out while eating up their lives to the core. some have ended up in hospitals or worse, in jail for horrendous crimes. What are we to do?
    These spiritual systems will never be understood by the general populous and there are misunderstandings that arise even within it’s confines. Its something that is not meant for everyone.

    In posting on both of your blogs and reading them for quite some time, I have seen that you are not arguing simply for argument’s sake. that
    many things between you have been revealed and understood between you both. I did not mean to cause trouble, nor are your discussions with Dan any of my business, nor is it my place to judge either of you for your beliefs. Regardless, as an observer these things fascinate me and I am always interested in learning about new and unusual methods of magic that aren’t readily
    accepted in mainstream occult.

    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thanks for your reply Venus. I am clear as to who you are now. Always feel free to comment or critic to any of our discussions. You have stated quite a few remarkable points that I agree with. There are many people who critique the Simon Necronomicon and some who support it. I think the anti-Simon Necronomicon groups have the same isssues as those who support it it a lesser or greater degree. Yet there are those who are sincere in their views. Dan Harms has quite an exstensive knowledge of many things and is well researched in various Occult Traditions. I am sure that he will be writing many more books on other forms of magick and spirituality as well. We just look at our debates as a medium for more in-depth research sometimes into subjects that are very subtle in the Necronomicon Tradition.

      I cannot speak for Dan personally bvut I think the neither one of us have taken any offence to any of your comments. Quite the opposite, I think your opinion as an experienced Occultist standing outside the ring of debate has actually brought a bridge in this chapter of the Warlock Asylum-Dan Harms Machine series. I am impressed with your insights. It looks like there will be peace, at least for a little while, betweenthe Mountains of MASSHU and the City of Irem. Thank you very much.

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