I would like to welcome everyone here to the Necronomicon GateWalker’s Page. If this is your first time, please take the time to explore some of our earlier articles listed on the right of this page.


Some of our regular readers may have noticed a change in our design, as we are experimenting with the best way to present information to you.. Before moving into April, I would like to take some time to make a few anoucements.


I am sure that many GateWalkers are already informed about the Venus Retrograde motion. It started on March 6th and will last until April 17th. Anyone who planned on walking Ishtar should wait until the retrograde motion ends, as it would induce a Warlike experience



I must mention also that I will be discontinuing the Correspondence Course. Those who have already prescribed to the course will continue their work, but we are no longer accepting any new applicants, due to low interests in the course. However, I am please to announce that we will be releasing a book this summer going into the depths of Necronomicon Technology. Along with this study guide, we will be releasing a book on Atlantean Magic, which is stronger than the Enochian and Necronomicon Currents, There will also be a blog page designed specifically for any question one might have as well as additional info.


Dan Harms has recently agreed to an open discussion, about the Necronomicon Tradition. This debate will take place in New York City, though we are still working on the terms, maybe we can finally come to some agreement about our right to disagree, and still work on preserving the Necronomicon Tradition. See it’s one thing that Gonce, Harms, and Dan Clore have yet to realize, that is that the GateWalker must honor the work of Lovecraft to some degree.


Although GateWalkers do not use the entities that Simon inserted in the Simon Necronomicon, which were borrowed from some of Lovecraft’s fiction, the GateWalker would still have to investigate these entities to understand their placement in the Simon Necronomicon.  also the term Necronomicon is one that was made popular by Lovecraft The Simon Necronomicon is not a hoax, but a work of respect for both Crowley and Lovecraft.


My whole message to Dan Harms is very simple. We should treat the Necronomicon tradition like the Martial Arts Traditions. There usually exists a set style of a particular martial arts and sometimes a different style or adaptation develops from the original art and another school is started, though most of its knowledge  is founded on some of the same principles. Yet these differing schools still respect each other as martial artists. I would like to invite maybe some of those form other “Necronomicon Traditions,“who also have it out for Simon and Necronomicon GateWalkers, such as, Rev. Maskim Xul, the Cult of Cthulhu, and Dan Clore.


This is a very sad situation because if the Simon Necronomicon Tradition can be stopped and censored, then this precedent will give way for other occult arts. I am not sure if Mister Dan Harms is aware of this, but why should he care? He’s already made his money. So where is the real hoax? Yet while I could say this about Gonce and Harms, maybe I have become to them what they are to Simon? This is how Karma works, If John Wisdom Gonce III felt sincere in what he was doing, am I not sincere in what I am doing? Then maybe Simon might have been sincere in what he was doing?


Here it is, Dan Harms has stated that the Ancient Mesopotamian Pantheon didn’t have this good versus evil concept that the Simon Necronomicon implies. Maybe that is true. My personal feeling helps me to understand that Simon only wrote from this perspective so that the novice won’t dabble in the more stronger energies of the current first, and when I say Simon, I mean the whole process of how the Simon Necronomicon began. Yet is Harms also making our Simon and Warlock Asylum to be on the “bad side” of the Tradition? Maybe they are not following the spiritual mindset that these people have? But this does not make them wrong per se. it just means that we all have something to work on, even writers.


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