Ghostface Killah – Apollo Kids featuring John Lennon (Warlock Asylum’s Remix)

This week’s Warlock Asylum’s remix is Ghostface Killah’s Apollo Kids feat. John Lennon.

Wafubeh! This week’s remix by Warlock Asylum is Ghostface Killah‘s Apollo Kids featuring John Lennon.  I am posting an MP4 version of the video that you can freely download. The YouTube link will be posted at the conclusion of this article.

The remix begins with an opening and closing statement by iconic Beatles‘ figure, John Lennon. While the remix is called Apollo Kids, Ghostface Killah’s verse comes from Might Healthy, which appears on his classic album Supreme Clientele. Other verses appearing on the remix are authored by Gza, Q-tip, De La Soul, Lauren Hill, and Big Pun, which all makes a delicious piece of art.

The remix track consists of elements of Prince Charming’s underground classic album Fantastic Voyage and some in-house beats I had lying around the house. Enjoy!


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  1. Awesome! The whispering voice in the background makes you curious about what it has to say, you’ll pick a few words up but don’t really know what says all in all. I think you have to listen several times to this remix to see the connection between the whispering voice and the singer.

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