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Warlock Asylum’s Review of the Official Dan Clore Homepage: The Website of Lord Werdgliffe



I would like to welcome everyone to the Simon Necronomicon GateWalker’s Page. If this is your first time here, please make a note to review many of our articles appearing on the menu to the far right of this page. Many of our regular readers are aware of some of the intense discussion that we have been having lately. I thought that it may be good to analyze some useful resources that the GateWalker may want to review.


Although our Brothers and Sisters of Lovecraftian Scholarship have ignorantly opposed the ways of the GateWalker, I find much entertainment in their writings. A prominent member of the Lovecraft Necronomicon Tradition, Dan Clore, has developed into quite an interesting writer. His website can be found here


Amazingly Lord Weÿrdgliffe, an arch-rival of the Dark Knight, has really hit a pleasant note with some of his short stories and essays. Antecessor ant the Gate, is one story that I am sure the GateWalker will enjoy. The Emperor Ausso is also one work that I must list as a favorite, especially since I am working on a grimoire of Atlantean Magic. Dan Clore seems to have a writing style that is universal, and is very appealing to people of all walks of life regardless of background. His stories have meanings that are much deeper than what they may read at first. His style of writing sort reminds the reader of Kahlil Gibran.


Dan Clore seems to capture the mind of the reader like a snake charmer, or a skilled magician, keeping the reader on the edge of his seat. The down side to all of this is that Dan Clore has a link to a page entitled Fake Necronomicons. Fake Necronomicons is a page that Dan Clore uses to clear Lovecraft’s name from any misfortune and dishonor. His summary of the Simon Necronomicon as a “fake Necronomicon” is quite comical to say the least. Overall Dan Clore is a promising writer that may just be the next Kahlil Gibran, but his resentment towards Simon and the GateWalking community could stifle him and what he does best. I guess we’ll see if Lord Weÿrdgliffe will qualify as the Ra’s al Ghul in the Dark Knight’s Tradition.


Be Well