I would like to welcome everyone here to the Simon Necronomicon Gate-Walker’s Info Page. If this is your first time here, or you are interested in learning more about the Simon Necronomicon, I suggest that you review our previous articles located in our menu section.

This next article is for those of us who have walked all 11 Gates listed in the Simon Necronomicon. The text lists Seven Gates for initiation and the additional Four are found in the book’s introduction, under SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL TO 777. I have encountered the question often times as to what happens after the Initiate completes the Walking requirement of the Initiatory Seven Gates and then enters the Four Gates? Many Gate-Walkers enjoy the benefits of having direct communication with the Gods and Goddesses that have been revered by anthropologists, scholars, and etc.

While the Gate-Walker may enjoy this blissful relationship with the deities of the Ancient Mesopotamian Pantheon, they still may need assistance from these same deities in their day-to-day world.

The Adept knows that he/she has become a vessel for the deities. Every Full or Waxing Moon we all experience a strong lucidity. This indicates that we are awake, and once we Walk the Gate of Tiamat we have completed the process and have received the infamous Tablets of Destinies.. This means that we are now one with our Watcher. This means that we were successful in the creation of an astral body using the energies of Tiamat that are revealed in her different aspects or Gates, and by Walking these Gates- we have trodden upon the Stars of the Big Dipper whereby we can see that the Seven Planets are just a whimsical reflection of these Stars.

Now we have changed our DNA, though we are still young in our path. We have become like a deity ourselves. How do we affect change through ritual using the Gates. We must learn to project our Will upon reality.

In our Gate-Walking Initiation, we are instructed by the Mad Arab in the Book of Entrance to Walk around the Gate in a Clockwise direction, or Deosil movement. Notice what is mentioned in the Simon Necronomicon of pages 46 to 47:

“Sixth, thou must recite the Incantation of the Walking loudly, and in a clear voice, as thou walkest about the Gate in a circular fashion, beginning at the North and walking to the East, then to the South, and to the West…”

The above quote describes a clockwise or deosil movement around the Gate. Deosil movements are usually associated with connecting with divine powers, or for spiritual evolution, it appears to be heavily focused on Theurgy. I am sure that all Gate-Walkers can testify that these movements were useful in their initiation and spiritual development.

For the Gate-Walker who has Walked all the Gates, they too may affect reality through “counter-clockwise” movements around the Gate, which is also know as a widdershin. widdershin is associated with Thaumaturgic Workings, or supernatural work. This is where events and condition of life can be changed, and in walking the gates in this manner after we have been initiated, we can experience the world as we shape it!

In order for us to work with the Thaumaturgic method of Gate-Walking we are required to write out our own Incantation for that Gate since we are not entering that Gate, but using its power to affect reality. It should follow a similar format as to what appears in the Gate Incantations of the Simon Necronomicon. Imagine how much power we have seen at work by using some of the 50 Name Seals. Now imagine how much power is behind a Gate-Casting Ritual!

The Gate-Casting Ritual can also be cultivated in a simpler way. All the Initiate has to do is to take the Seal of the Gate and invoke it as he/she would one of the 50 Names according to the Necronomicon Spellbook. The Name of the Seal would be the name of the Gate God and its word of power would be the name h/she received when they Walked the Gate. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, Happy Hunting 🙂

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