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Recently we have been posting a few articles on some of the deeper aspects of the Simon Necronomicon for those who are walking and those who have walked all 11 Gates. This is very important to note that one must complete their Gate-Walking before beginning a new process of creation within ourselves. It has been noted by the editor of the Necronomicon, Simon, that there are certain traps listed in the book to protect the Initiate, not to entrap him/her. Recently, I received an email from a gentleman who was interested in the correspondence course, but only wanted information about the Urilla Text, and was a little annoyed that I would not release this information, and this is the problem that I have with Chaos Magicians, of which the Necronomicon worker is not. See Chaos Magic has this theory that it is all in your mind, and that is the exact opposite of the energies examined in the mystical arts. The mind can only be used as a tool in the mystical arts. You see the energies that are employed or received in the occult arts are emotional, or energy in motion. The mind serves as an instrument in detecting and employing these emotions as to where they are going. The mind is an altar, but it is not self. Initiation serves the purpose of adjusting and training the mind and heart in just being able to conduct the energies that are being worked with. This is where the problem with Chaos Magic begins. See in Chaos Magic the magician wrongfully assumes that he/she are prepared to handle the energies within the given system. If the Magician is uninitiated and begins working with certain currents of energy, the effects are not always tragic, but the understanding will always be flawed. Usually this idea of its all in your mind and etc., is something that an unfocused and is useful to the lazy individual who will invent such a philosophy to escape the work that it takes to achieve Adept-ship in the mystical arts. Just imagine all the time and research that went into the Ancient Occult Tradition that can be seen easily by observing the architecture of these ancient civilizations. Now here comes some kid who watches five hours of television a day and enjoys sci-fi films, he has this big shortcut to evade centuries of work, by just picking up a book at Barnes and Nobles, which tells him that it’s all in the mind. Slow down kid. Do you realize that by just stating that you are disrespecting the pioneers and ancient culture that the same individual is studying?

I make these points on the onset of our discussion to let the reader know that there is more value in taking time with the system and working with it honestly than trying to get to some place in the system because you think the power is there. No, the power is held within you and relates to the energies in the system. What may be a power zone to those who are working with the system in the appropriate way may be disaster for you, since you have not taken the time to understand the prior steps.

For those of us who have walked all 11 Gates, it is important for us to understand that this is only a First Initiation. There are so many layers of information written within the Book of Black Earth that rotates in our minds much like the star above us do. However, the MAGAN Text gives us a wonderful blueprint to understand the workings of the system. Let us note what is written in Section Three of the Magan Text:

“For, lo! The Elder Gods Possess the Sign/ By which the Powers of the Ancient Ones are turned back/But Man possesses the Sign/And the Number/And the Shape/To summon the Blood of his Parents/And this is the Covenant Created by the Elder Gods”

This verse of the MAGAN Text is often misunderstood, but through careful examination of it we can see a deeper truth in relationship to our work. First, we can see clearly that by working with the Elder Gods we are able to resist the harmful elements of the Ancient Ones, yet this passage also makes mention that the Ancient Ones are our parents. This is a reference to those who exist amongst humanity that have the Blood of the Ancient Ones running through their veins. The Covenant that was created by the Elder Gods is one that allows the Initiate to become familiar with the energies of the Ancient Ones in a softer form, as with the emanations of the planets.

This is a safe beginning for us to work with the energies of our parents. Which we experience through our initial rites of initiation. Then the next process begins when we pick up in our reading of the MAGAN Text:

“Man is the Key by which/The Gate of IAK SAKKAK may be flung wide/By which the Ancient Ones/Seek their Vengeance/Upon the face of the Earth/Against the Offspring of MARDUK/For what is new/Came from that which is old/And what is old/Shall replace that which is new/And once again the Ancient Ones/Shall rule upon the face of the Earth! /And this is too the Covenant! /”

This is a passage that is one of the most important of the many passages in the sacred scripture of the MAGAN Text.  The understanding of this passage is not easily understood but comes with the passage of time and work as pertaining to our Weaklings. The force of the Ancient Ones is spread out amongst men. This is another reason why it is said in the Book that INANNA TAKES HER OWN FOR HER OWN. Those who are initiated into this system by the deities themselves are those who are of the Ancient Ones. The MAGAN Text refers to TIAMAT as the ‘Queen of the GHOULS.’ The term ghoul derives its origin from the word ghul. The term ghul relates to the Jinn. Interestingly, in the Islamic world, the Jinn are said to be a race of beings that were created from “smokeless fire.” They were also said to exist before man by a couple of thousand years. They live in a parallel word to humanity and have societies, families, like men do. It is also said that the Jinn have progeny even amongst human folk. For more information about the Jinn and there place in the religion of Islam, you might enjoy this article here The Jinn

We also notice in the above quote that the Ancient Ones shall rule again! this means that those who have been doing the work of Walking will eventually be initiated into greater things, but once again in reflection of our earlier statements, we have mentioned in many of our previous articles that ISHTAR/INANNA is Tiamat. Notice the comparison made between Ishtar and Tiamat found here Ishtar is Tiamat See Tiamat being the ‘Queen of the Ghouls, would also mean that here children, The Elder Gods, were among these as well, and it is our relationship with them that we are thereby adopted into understanding our Family. Once we are adopted into the Family we are truly “initiated.” Our ritual used the forces of the Elder Gods to protect us from the harmful aspects of our “Mother” due to the high and chaotic energy that this realm possesses. However, the Walking is just an Initiation within itself. It is a way for us to connect with the energies of the North Star and its comrade the Big Dipper. Simon was very specific in helping us to appreciate the value of the Big Dipper in Gates of the Necronomicon. Interestingly, in his book, Simon points out how the Ancient Taoists viewed our seven planets as grosser forms of the Stars with in the Big Dipper.  Much of our work in the Necronomicon concerns itself with the position of these stars being that all of our Incantations are facing north. What I find most interesting is that the Big Dipper moves in a counter-clockwise direction around the North Star Polaris. How the Big Dipper rotates around Polaris There fore our work of Walking around the Gates “clockwise” is to only serve for purposes of Initiation. Once we are initiated, a greater form of Initiation occurs, which is to Walk these very same Gates “counter-clockwise” or widdershin movements. Benjamin Rowe, famous writer on Enochian Magic, describes widdershin movements as being thaumaturgic, or miraculous.

This is why in the Urilla Text there is no mention of conjuring the Watcher in the Urilla Text because it is at this time that the merge of our physical bodies with the Watcher is complete.

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6 thoughts on “Simon Necronomicon Healing Exercise #3: Ascending to Godhood

  1. Great work once again Warlock. I wanted to recommend a really fabulous book for you and your readers that outlines and explains so much of what is found in the Necronomicon. The book is “From the Ashes of Angels: Legacies of a Fallen Race” by Andrew Collins. I really believe that Anu sent this book to me and I have benefited so much from the insights gained through it, especially as a gatewalker.

    Something neat to point out for the readers as well: the last axiom of the Book of Calling states that as spiritual work progresses, the figurative and literal light of the zonei and heavenly bodies will grow continually darker until their outer light is replaced by a perception of Fire in All Directions, and within this greater light the initiate will fulfill the goals of the noble race and “bring down” the hostile Anunnaki. This section seems to quote the Chaldean Oracles, and what’s really neat is that in Christian and Neoplatonic cosmology, the highest heavens, existing beyond the Stars, Ocean, and even the Primum Mobile, is the “Empyrean”:

    “Empyrean, from the Medieval Latin empyreus, an adaptation of the Ancient Greek, “in or on the fire (pyr)”, properly Empyrean Heaven, is the place in the highest heaven, which in ancient cosmologies was supposed to be occupied by the element of fire (or aether in Aristotle’s natural philosophy).”

    The illusion of static natures seems to disappear here, and just as you said, a journey into a New Universe and a whole new beginning commences 😀

  2. warlockasylum says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot Brother David for adding on that valuable piece of information. If you ever want to write for the page just email me. 🙂 I am actually going to blog some excerpts from your lateset two comments.

    It’s just a little more time invovled since I can’t formulate my blogs in word and then transfer them over, but such is life. I will definitely look ino that book. I really enjoyed reading the Voudun Gnostic Workbook.

    Thanks once again 🙂


    1. warlockasylum says:

      Thank you very much. I enjoyed visiting your site and I also sent you an email…stay in touch

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