I wish you all a prosperous New Year. However, I must state that we all know that the New Year amongst the GateWalking community is actually celebrated during the Sumerian New Year festival that would take place during the Spring.. Although I have to do some more research in this, New Year’s Day as celebrated in the Western World is still a Sacred Day for all Shamans of the Sumerian Pantheon. January 2nd is celebrated as the Nativity of Inanna by many Pagans throughout the world. From what I have research thus far, the Priest/Priestess, is supposed to light a white candle on the morning of January 1st, and then extinguish it later that evening. On the day of January 2nd the Shaman would make special supplications to her and sacrifice.


I think the foundation of the workings mentioned in the paragraph is good for newcomers to INANNA. However, if you have an already working relationship with the Goddess, then you should know what birthday gift to give to your mother. The great thing about this celebration is that January 2nd falls on a Friday, a day which is ruled by Venus. Additionally, we are in the sign of Capricorn (Fish-Man), so we should also get some energies from ENKI, as well as, ADAR.


Interestingly, on January 3rd, Venus enters Pisces and is in its exaltation. This means that you can feel more connected with your spirit. As you feel this connection with your spirit, you’ll be able to meditate and come up with new solutions that you didn’t consider in the past. This ability to connect with spirit and find power in your connection continues into January 4th when Venus forms a sextile to Pluto.


I look forward in being used further by the Goddess and Gods, if it be there will in the upcoming New Year. I would also like to give a word of advice for all practitioners of the Simon Necronomicon.


People outside the GateWalking community may wrongly assume that GateWalkers religiously believe in the Simon Necronomicon and this is far from the truth. Actually many of the GateWalkers that I have met thoroughly analyze Simon’s findings, which is very useful in determining what parts of it is actually real. However, when we over analyze some things, everything becomes mechanical and our sense of purpose is lost. We will also find ourselves in a state of confusion and not even know it. The first mistake is to think that the rituals in the Simon Necronomicon are invented by Simon. I have researched most of the text and can verify its authenticity in how it relates to Sumerian and Mesopotamian Shamanism. Yet this journey is something that each and every one of us must pursue for ourselves. Yet before we start adding on to the Book of Black earth and taking away from it, the best advice that I could give is to first ask why it is even written in the text. This is a more effective process because it helps you see what perspective the author had when putting the information together. I have seen people make the mistake of thinking that they can create their own rituals and actually f**c up things by putting out rituals that cannot be verified in the Sumerian Mythologies. This is another case in point that I must make mention of. A lot of the information that has been posted here on the blog page was discovered by comparing the Simon Necronomicon with Mythologies from Ancient Mesopotamia. This is a very important aspect because even when I mention this publicly many people still do not understand what I am talking about. So I will give you an example.


The MAGAN Text has a section entitled Of the Sleep of ISHTAR. Most people would simply write this off as a bad version of INANNA’S DESCENT INTO THE UNDERWORLD.  Yet they will not look into why the account differs from INANNA”S Descent. Once one discovers the differences between the two accounts, the Initiate should then ask themselves; why were these differences put there in the first place? The answer to this question actually will reveal some profound insights that the novice would have simply walked away from. The difference between the titles of the two accounts lets us know that the one mentioned in the MAGAN Text must be part of the alchemical process to awaken the Initiate. The Mythologies were actually written to illustrate the psychological changes that the Initiate will go through during his/her process of self-initiation. Re-read the introduction to the MAGAN TEXT.


The next and most important process in all of this, is guidance from the deities themselves. This is the most important feature. On the Administrators Settings and etc, it shows me how people find this blog page. I can see from what people are searching on google that they think that I must be taking this information from some online source or book. “Oh no, He can’t think of these things on his own!” Yet you never question the origin of where some of the more famous scholars get their information from. For example, if I were to quote Plato or Samuel Kramer, people would accept it, at least the simple-minded. Yet why would you not raise the question of how did Plato come up with his ideas? Or hey Plato where are you getting this info from? However, if the Initiate was to ask such questions then they would find out some deeper answers. I will tell you how we find the information that appears in the blogs.


1)     I ask for wisdom when speaking to each and every deity. I ask ho can I learn more about them and in what manner would they like to be praised. I also ask that I can understand the deeper levels of the Simon Necronomicon to make it useful in my evolution and to the world.


2)     After a few days I receive some sort of an epiphany when I am meditating upon the material. (One example of this is when the thought came to me that copper is a symbol of blood).


3)     I will then begin researching what was told to me in the epiphany through online sources and in printed material. I do this because I know that the gods of Mesopotamia are Gods and Demons, depending on their mood. So they can be tricksters some time. However, I must say that they have not revealed anything to me that I could not verify.


This is how I begin writing a blog. Other people may work differently and that is fine too. However, before I close I must mention one other point. NEBO is the “Scribe of ENKI.” He is also described in the Simon Necronomicon as the Guardian of the Gods. This means that if the “gods’ do not approve of the Shaman’s methods they will send him/her on the path of disillusionment, where the Initiate thinks they are walking the right path, but they are actually being deceived and are not their interpretation is not cohesive. This is why the Mad Arab states the following in his Second Testimony:


And who is their Master? Of this I do not know, but I have heard them calling ENKI which is surely a blasphemy, for ENKI is of our Race as it is writ in the Text of MAGAN. But, perhaps, they called Another, whose Name I do not know. But surely it was not ENKI.”


This is the “Curse of ENKI” that is spoken about in the beginning of the URILLA Text, a section of the book that can only be understood by those who are truly initiated by the Gods. One way to offend the deities in the Necronomicon Pantheon, is to take the something for nothing approach. Many who come across this path will ask, and ask, and ask endlessly for things, but when it comes to honoring the same deities that they claim to be empowered by, the refuse to put out any money in their service to them, always taking the cheapest way out. Yet they contumely ask these same energies for blessings. Well let me stop venting about my many issues with the occult community by and large. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!





  1. Fascinating. I had no idea about the Birthday of Inanna and its correspondence to the Western New Year. It makes sense as most of the holidays we celebrate today are taken from traditional ceremonies or holidays from the old world.

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